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Erogenous Exploration Expedition Part 1

Posted on: June 22, 2010

Romantic kiss in the city
Image by meerbabykat via Flickr

Now that we know where the top erogenous zones are…what do you do with them???

Gentle touch, tickles, playful pats, loving licks are almost always welcome!

Stroking, caressing and massaging of erogenous zones can be titillating forms of sensual pleasure in and of themselves, or they can be invitations to further sexual activity. Consider varying the pressure, speed and technique of touching, tapping and stroking on your Erogenous Exploration Expedition.

Use different materials, such as a silk scarf, a soft brush, or a feather tickler. Try to identify previously undiscovered pleasure points. When you hear sighs of approval, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Keep in mind that the mouth, including the lips and tongue, for most people, is an area of high erotic potential and is at the top of our list. It is a great way to start and to finish. Kissing is one act that uses the sensitivity of this region in a sexually stimulating way.

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