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Erogenous Exploration Expedition Part 2

Posted on: June 23, 2010

Guys, don’t go straight for the nipples. Pay more attention to the area around the nipples, and the cleavage area. Gently stroking and massaging can be very worth the wait!


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Bonus Nipple Tip : Place a grape between your teeth, and rotate with your tongue. When

you can do this without breaking the skin, you’ve mastered the correct amount of pressure to use when stimulating nipples. The potential pay-off: a lot more nipple action.

OF course with most intimate experiences, things can be different for everyone, but a good rule of thumb is that for the best sex at night, the foreplay should start in the morning! Plan ahead, add those pheromones, soften your skin, tease your taste buds and enjoy the anticipation!!! So that is a lot of talk about touch taste and tease.

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