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Having a G Spot Orgasm

Posted on: June 29, 2010

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It can be difficult to achieve orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone, especially if you’re newly exploring this area. Don’t get discouraged. It could take weeks or months to become familiar with this erogenous zone and the unique pleasure it creates.

As with the clitoris, you have to condition your G-spot to climax. While teaching your body to have G-spot orgasms, use other stimulation to provide additional pleasure. It’s also important to use firm pressure, not a light touch, because the G-spot isn’t in the vagina and instead gets stimulated through the vaginal wall.

Lets go on an exploration mission. Initially, the G-spot will feel like a small mass of rigid, firm tissue about the size of a dime on the front of the vaginal wall. It is a couple inches inside…kind of like trying to point toward the back of your belly button from inside the vagina. Try it out!!! Lube up a finger or two, insert it vaginally and stroke the upper vaginal wall. Feel around for this small mass of tissue.

Remember: Once you get past the first inch or so, the vaginal canal doesn’t have many nerve endings.

When you experience new, unique feelings, you’ve likely found the G-spot. Remember, it is a pressure point and responds best to firm pressure.

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