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Advanced G Spot Techniques

Posted on: June 30, 2010

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One or two fingers may not sufficiently stimulate the G-spot to become fully aroused. Some women need to feel very “filled up” so  a G-spot toy can help!!!

The most common G-spot stimulator resembles a cylindrical vibrator but is slightly curved at the end of the shaft. This curved tip is angled to press up against a woman’s G-spot when inserted vaginally. Some G-spot dildos have handles to help you apply pressure against the G-spot.

Take your G-spot toy and apply lube to it. Let your mind travel to a comfortable and uninhibited state. Take a moment to engage in manual stimulation. After you reach a heightened state of sexual arousal, slowly insert the G-spot toy with the curved tip pointing upward. Experiment with different strokes and pressure against the vaginal wall, just as you would with any type of penetration, getting familiar with this erogenous zone. Now apply extra pressure on the G-spot with the tip of the toy fully inside, at the top and toward the belly. Remember, this unique pleasure spot requires firmer pressure and quick rubbing strokes, not in-and-out thrusting.

BIG NOTE:Don’t be alarmed if you feel the urge to urinate…It is perfectly normal!!! Be sure to empty your bladder before you start exploring, so you know you not be passing urine when you feel the urge.

However, also be aware that fluid can be released during g spot stimulation that is not urine. This is known as Female ejaculation. Since that is a whole topic on its own, lets save that one.

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