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Niagra Falls – Top Rated G Spot Position

Posted on: July 1, 2010

Niagara Falls Side View 2005

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This one works particularly well for women who have a hard time orgasming, or want to go for the g spot gusto with out worrying about that wet spot!

Fill the tub about half full with warm water. The guy sits in the tub, then the woman hops in his lap facing the faucet and kneels. Ladies, now you lean forward and hold the walls or sides of the tub for balance as needed. Your guy can climb enter you vaginally from behind. This is going to give the best access to the g-spot using a penis.

Grind away as you please, but for extra fun use a free hand to guide a water stream from the faucet toward your vulva and clitoris.  A detachable showerhead works even better! The water spray will act electrify your passion button and your guy still has plenty of access to stroke and caress your breasts too. And for the ladies who achieve gspot orgasm, well, if you have a large fluid release, it can be like a little Niagara all over again…you can actually expel up to 2 or more cups of fluid! There is no easier clean up than the tub.

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