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More on Men and Masturbation

Posted on: August 4, 2010

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As teenagers it is estimated that men masturbate at least once daily and eight times a week seems to be the most common average noted. Doing it more often or fewer than eight times a week is OK too. There are a lot of factors to take into account.

Favorite places to masturbate for males include the bed and bath. As for technique, generally, a male will form a loose fist around his erect penis and stroke in an up and down motion.

For most males, masturbation is healthy. Arousal is usually started by the thought of something sexually pleasing…so in short, whatever your fantasy is! Arousal is easy for most males and can happen from dozens to hundreds of times a day. Please note – Masturbation or orgasm is not required or recommended each and every time a guy gets aroused!

One more thing to add here…my usual mantra,” wetter sex is better sex” holds true for masturbation too. A little lube or oil can really make the experience much more pleasurable and intense.

I do want to caution you about some  masturbation techniques that should be avoided:

  1. Masturbating in a face-down position. Masturbation is best learned on your back. After you master that, sitting or standing are other options. If you masturbating face-down it puts too much pressure on your penis. This could cause Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome. Switching to masturbating while on your back should prevent TMS problems when you engage in partner sex in the future.
  2. Never insert anything into your urethra. This is the opening where urine and ejaculate exit. The urinary tract is a sterile system and insertion of any object can cause injury or infections.
  3. Once you begin go ejaculate, you should let if flow. Attempting to stop the flow can send semen into your bladder and could potentially cause damage to surrounding tissues and nerves of the penis.

Most guys clean up afterward with tissue, a shirt, a sock, or whatever is handy. Be sure to grab something clean! Others rub the semen onto their bodies. While the thought of finding the wet sock or shirt is not appealing to most of the ladies, the good news is that it is not likely to cause harm.

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