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Posted on: August 17, 2010

Vajrakilaya Tantric Feast Offerings, Monastery...
Image by Wonderlane via Flickr
  1. Sex is more than physical
  2. Honor & welcome the masculine and feminine in you
  3. Invite love by creating a sacred space
  4. Include all aspects of sex  (mental, emotional & physical)
  5. Include all of your senses  (sight, sound, taste, touch & smells)
  6. The “heart-energy” must be open and available during love making
  7. Reverence & respect for all aspects of the total lovemaking process

And what you really need to know about:

The basic 5 – How to use your imagination when preparing for Tantra,

  • Sight- eye contact  {not just looking at their partner, but really seeing them}
  • Sound- even breathing can be very erotic if your really listen to your partner
  • Scent –  we have so many to choose from, let them explore the many different items and find what they like together
  • Touch – – a foot massage or hand massage can be very erotic as well consider a massage oil or  a foot massage specialty
  • Taste- well again here we can go just a lil crazy. :O}
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