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Posted on: August 25, 2010

Female pelvic cavity

Image by EUSKALANATO via Flickr

No, this isn’t an exam you take with pencil and paper. The Sexam is short  for Sexological Exam.

Most women go through life having sex, periods, and giving birth without knowing what we look like “down there”. Would you be able to pick your vulva out in a line up? Now there is an interesting thought!

Why is this important? – A Sexam identifies what each part looks and feels like, so you can know for yourself and your partner what feels good to you. It will get you started on learning so much more about your body, how it responds, and help you guide your partner to your special pleasure spots. It is also a great baseline reference for you to have in case you wake up with a swollen bartholin gland one day, or even when you notice your first hemmorhoid.

The purpose of the exam is not to necessarily get you turned on… but that is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Your own private Sexam is your chance to develop your own personal roadmap to pleasure!

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