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On with the shave of a life time…

Posted on: September 23, 2010

A female razor

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Both men and women should use a fresh, sharp razor for maximum results. Consider one of those fancy new ones that “float” with your skin and structure contours and have multiple cutting blades. Opting for a more expensive, good quality razor rather than a cheap throw away, often leads to a more comfortable shave that is less likely to cause nicks, soreness and razor burns. And a special tip for the Ladies, – use a female style razor, rather than an ordinary safety razor, it will have wires that wrap around the blade to minimizing the risk of nicks and cuts even more. You will really appreciate this in your most private and sensitive areas.

Guess what, now we are finally ready to shave! Pull the skin straight with your free hand and shave without applying too much pressure. Stroke an area no more than twice to reduce skin irritation. Rinse the razor frequently.  If you shave with the grain, you will experience the least amount of irritation, but some people feel shaving against the grain give you the smoothest shave. If razor burn and rash is a problem for you, start gently! I recommend one stroke with the grain, than finish up with a gentle stroke against the grain for ultimate results.

If you decide to do some special shaping, now is the time to proceed. There are actually little stencils you can purchase to shave around, to make cute little shapes or suggestions in special places! Have fun!

When your shave is done rinse the area with cool water to close the pores. Rinse the razor well too.

The perfect compliment to the soft and silky shave experience is Soft & Silky After Shave Protection Mist.  The silky-smooth mist forms a protective barrier between skin and clothing as it moisturizes and shields newly shaven skin. This will help to reduce irritation and give your skin a fabulous feel and scent. Pure botanical extracts in the Protection Mist provide a fresh fragrance, while their soothing properties soften skin and tighten pores – discouraging possible irritation to sensitive areas. The container has a handy 360 degree spray top which can be used in any direction. Even upside down so you can get it in all the important spots.

Who knew there was so much to consider when shaving…and just wait till next time!

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Thanks because of this! I’ve been searching all above the web for that facts.

On with the shave of a life time

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