Great Sex Secrets

More on what is normal – sexually that is!

Posted on: September 29, 2010

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Here are a few more benchmarks recorded:

How many partners have you had? This might be interesting…

  • Two to four   27%
  • Five to ten    26%
  • One   14%
  • Eleven to fifteen   12%
  • More than twenty-one    12%
  • Sixteen to twenty    8%
  • None   1%


Women In Their Twenties Are At Their Most Fertile…Peaking At Age 24.

Women In Their Thirties Are At Their Most Orgasmic…Over 50% Reach Climax During Sex.

Women In Their Forties often Begin Using Sex Aids…Especially The Multi-Speed Vibrator.

Regular Sex Should Boost Your Estrogen Levels. Just As They Start To Drop.

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