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Where can I hide my sex toys?

Posted on: October 12, 2010

Actually, you would be very surprised at how often people ask this. Some people are worried about their kids finding their items. Others don’t want their partner to know just yet. I have even heard of people who have pacts with a special friend…so if something horrible happens to them, the secret special sex toy clause is invoked, and the friend removes the toy so a person’s mother doesn’t see it!

So here are some thoughts on toy and accessory storage.

The easiest thing to do is to keep things in reach!

I know this sounds scary to some, but I can guarantee you will not receive one minute of pleasure if something is packed so far away that it would take an act of congress to move it. There is no greater mood killer than running across the house, under the sink, grab the blue box, open it and unwrap the lowly toy! Yikes! That defeats the whole purpose!!!

Consider something close to the bed, yet discreet:

  • A special drawer in the nightstand. This is usually the number 1 hiding spot for bedroom accessories. OF course if you have nosey kids, neighbors or parents that are just a little too familiar with your stuff this might not be your best option. Or consider putting a lock on that drawer.
  • A box – preferably one that locks – these are often stored in a drawer in that night stand. This is a great idea. You can try to fool the gang that invades your space by using a shoe box or electronics box. And while people feel more comfortable going thru your drawers, adding another layer or two of security with a box and a lock will probably keep most of the hood out.
  • Store the toys right in the bed or couch! No kidding, I have had several customers tell me they store their bullets right down the sides of the couch. The kids never look there because it is like cleaning! Placing some items between the mattress and box spring or behind the head board can also be effective…but I would definitely not recommend it for larger, bulkier or more expensive items. Now I have heard stories about people who store their guns between the mattresses too…so this might cause a little confusion from time to time. So you would definitely have to be sure you grabbed the right toy!
  • Hideaway pillow on the bed – what a great idea with this one. This is the old hide it in plain sight!
  • A locking steamer trunk or foot locker stored on the floor of the bedroom at the base of the bed is a method I have seen many toy and lotion connoisseurs use. These come with heavy duty locks and often tiers of storage trays…so you can customize a bit depending on your needs. When hot in use they look pretty at the end of the bed…ad a pillow for a homey feel
  • Hanging style stash bag – these are a little newer. Picture a locking garment bag, but inside is you stash o stuff! It hangs in the closet an looks like any other fancy outfit that is too good to leave out.
  • Over the door shoe hanger – for the really wild and crazy folks out there. I use them to display the products when I do home parties sometimes. They are clear vinyl and only for the people who are not shy and love the visuals! They can be attached to any door, or a portable rack if you like things more mobile.

So there you have some fun, wild and crazy ideas to store your stuff. Remember, when using toys, massagers or certain novelty items we recommend you clean them thoroughly with toy cleaner both before and after use. Air dry and store any soft materials in separate plastic bags. And remember to remove the batteries between uses, unless they are getting used every day.

You can find this cute toy box pictured here on my web site

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