Great Sex Secrets

Wetter Sex is Better Sex

Posted on: November 1, 2010

Why Lube?

• Close your mouth and dry your lips.
• Run a finger lightly over them, paying close attention to how it feels.
• Now, lick your lips.
• With your lips moist, run the same finger over them in the same way, again focusing on how it feels.

Which caress felt more sensual? If, like the vast majority of people, you said: “The one with lips moist,” you’ll see how sexual lubricants can help you enjoy more pleasure in lovemaking. The most sensual sex is wet sex, and wet sex is what lubricants are all about.

Have you ever suffered discomfort because intercourse took place without sufficient natural lubrication? Lubricants eliminate this problem.

Have you ever run out of natural lubrication during extended intercourse and suffered sore genitals as a result? Lubricants to the rescue!

Have you ever wished that condoms transmitted more sensation? With a lubricant, they can. Have you ever suffered discomfort during anal play? Lubricants can make it so much more comfortable and exciting…




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