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Not All Women Produce Enough Natural Lubrication!

Posted on: November 11, 2010

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Many Normal, Healthy Women Don’t Produce Much Vaginal Lubrication. In the 1960’s, pioneering sex researchers William Masters, M.D., and Virginia Johnson described vaginal lubrication as an early sign of women’s sexual arousal. They maintained that the vagina produces lubrication fairly quickly as women become aroused. But for many perfectly normal, healthy women, vaginal lubrication takes much longer to appear, and when it does, there may not be much of it. Why not?

Just as women’s heights vary, so does their production of vaginal lubrication. There is nothing wrong with women who don’t produce much. Some women just don’t self-lubricate very well. Women who become “too” lubricated may also feel abnormal, and suffer embarrassment about soaking the sheets. If this is an issue for you, try placing a towel or two under yourself.

There are also many other things that play a factor in natural lubrication levels. Pretty much anything that affects your hydration level, will also have an effect on your lubrication level.

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