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Modern Vibrators Are What The Buzz is About

Posted on: November 22, 2010

The first electric vibrators appeared in the late 19th century, still camouflaged as therapy for hysteria and sold only to doctors. Over time, magazine advertisements began offering vibrators to women for self-treatment of hysteria at home. In 1918, Sears and Roebuck touted one vibrator as a “very satisfactory…aid every woman appreciates”. Another advertisement in a 1921 issue of Heart’s Magazine urged men to buy the devices for their wives to keep them “young and pretty” and free from the scourge of hysteria.

During the 1920’s, early “blue” movies showed women using the devices for sexual stimulation. This stripped the vibrators of their social camouflage. By 1930, they were no longer openly advertised.

Today, of course, vibrators are popular sexual and marital aides, and are clearly sold for sexual purposes. While some retailers continue to try to camouflage them as “massagers”, there is one large catalogue company that says its dual-speed massager is “perfect for those hard-to-reach places”.

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