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Dildos and Vibratiors Oh My! – Passion Parties by The Party Lady

Posted on: November 23, 2010

Women with hysteria under the effects of hypnosis.

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Dildos have always had a frankly sexual purpose, but vibrators are another story. For most of their history, they have been camouflaged, their sexual purpose hidden behind “massage therapy”. The first vibrators were developed 130 years ago to treat an illness called “female hysteria”.

The Greeks described a “suffering uterus” as Hysteria. Symptoms included anxiety, irritability, sexual fantasies, “pelvic heaviness” and excessive vaginal lubrication – in other words, sexual arousal.  Of course,  during the Victoria Era, women were not considered sexual beings. So, Physicians treated hysteria by massaging their patient’s clitoris until they experienced a relief through “paroxysm” also known as an orgasm. During the 1860’s, health spas offered high-tech alternatives to manual therapy; including water jets and steam-powered vibrating devices.

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an exciting blog once again, and very enlightening.

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