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Posted on: December 5, 2010

Left Levator ani from within.

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The PC is the pubococcygeus muscle you flex to interrupt urine flow. It is also one of several muscles that contract during orgasm in both sexes. As PC muscle tone improves, most people notice more pleasurable orgasm.


There are three ways to do Kegel exercises that include all the groups of muscles that one can use when performing these exercises:  Contract and Hold, Flutter and “The Elevator”.  Before I spell out the three types, let’s be sure we are all talking about the same exercise.


Think of the muscles you would squeeze if you were urinating and wanted to stop the flow.  These muscles form a type of “hammock” that runs from the front of the crotch area to the back.  The muscles encircle the clitoris in the front, the anus in the back and the vagina in the middle.  They are the same muscles that contract reflexively (on their own) during orgasm.


Strengthening these muscles by doing Kegel’s will enhance the sensations of orgasm and for some women make having orgasms more likely.  When contracting these muscles, the buttocks muscles should move very little or not at all.  You are trying to isolate and move the muscles that underlie the external genitals for women.



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