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One More Favorite G Spot Sex Position

Posted on: December 20, 2010


Image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

Criss Cross Sex Position
This favorite is a remarkable position because it allows him to sustain intercourse for what seems to be forever and usually control climax of the man. When done properly, couple’s have experienced multiple orgasms and have even extended orgasms far beyond the norm!

To implement this sex position… sit facing each other with penis inserted. Both partners should have legs partially extended. Clasping hands and moving them out to the sides of the body, and lying back as far as possible and looking up towards the ceiling. At this point, both partners are joined only at the hands and genitals. With little movement pleasure is sustained for quite a long time.

What will it do for her?
This is guaranteed to hit her GSpot giving her instant orgasm. Alternating of tightness and widening she will feel two types of sensations, that of deepness and that of feeling her vagina wrapped around his penis and when her legs are crossed again.

What will it do for the man?
He gets to watch the action. Seeing her orgasm can guarantee that he will soon be following. He will feel the same feelings as her but have a better advantage of taking it at his own pace.

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