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Can you take Sex Toys on Vacation?

Posted on: February 9, 2011


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Be sure to pack with your destination in mind. Massagers are generally ok, but sex toys are illegal some places, so pack with care. Travelling outside the USA definitely requires some research before you decide what, if any, sensual surprises to brinng with you.

The old rule used to be to check the toys especially the ones that vibrate – so if you are traveling with battery operated toys BE SURE TO REMOVE THE BATTERIES.

In the past few years more people are reporting theft of toys from checked luggage. I attribute it to the fact that our luggage must all be open and left vulnerable, along with the great toy cleaners out there now.

Carrying on a toy is probably the best option, especially for a favorite or expesive toy or massager, but be prepared for that occasional screener who decides to embarrass you. It can happen from time to time. And there is always the possibility they could confiscate anything that looks unusual…so leave the floggers, metal rings and crazy stuff home.

I recommend Packing toys in zip lock bags, then inside a thin barely opaque bag. That way they can be examined without being touched, even if the screeenr decides to open it.

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