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Posted on: February 9, 2011

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Since 9-11 and with all the frequent  security changes, while travelling by air, it is important to stay on top of what you can and cant do.  I used TSA flight guidelines to verify this info. has very specific lists if you have questions.

Soft jelly toys or toys without vibrators aka dildos do not cause much concern. They don’t have many metal parts to cause concern on xray. However, regular size lubes aren’t allowed in your carry on!  And I am pretty sure any bondage type toys or S and M props will cause a scene wherever you go!!!

In 2002, a lady’s newly purchased vibrator made a racket in her checked luggage. She was made to go out to the tarmac, in full view of other passengers, and hold up the vibrator while Delta Airlines personnel were much less than kind her and her hubby. She did press charges.  And in Chicago a 29 year old man said he had a bomb in his carry on bag…because he thought that would be better than having his mother, who was travelling with him, find out he had a penis pump?

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