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What about that Piercing your Mom doesn’t know about?

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Nipple shields, some with stainless steel barbells

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Traveling with specialty piercings can be a challenge at times. Obviously, remove whatever metal you can and pack it.  I once travelled with a broken finger, and my lightweight metal spit didn’t even cause a concern!

Certain metals like gold, stainless steel or titanium in small amounts generally won’t set off the detectors.

However, many piercings will be noticed and will likely set off alarms. Calmly explain to the screener that you have a piercing here and here and here. Believe me, most of them don’t want to take the time or touch you if they dont have to.  Those individual searches aren’t that bad…but they do take time from your schedule and from the screener. The worst thing to do is get irritated and vocal. Try to keep calm. They are just doing their job…and you will have a great story to tell about your strip search at the airport!

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