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The New Diet Craze – Have More Sex!

Posted on: February 19, 2011

exercise makes you horny

Image by Will Lion via Flickr

You know, Everything you do burns calories…here are some fun guesstimates based on an average. Everything from age, sex, muscle mass to genetics and more would need to be factored in for specifics.

  • · Sleeping or being a “dead lay”  burns about 60 calories per hour.
  • · Eating burns about 70-80 calories an hour…so if you eat long enough can you lose it all? Hmmm????
  • · Showering about 250 calories an hour…but who wants to spend an hour in the shower
  • Light house work burns about 100 calories per hour so does kissing and light petting
  • Light exercise, breaking a sweat 150- 250 calories per hour
  • Very active sports 400 to 600 an hour or more!!!
  • Average Sexual activity 100-300 calories per hour. But, you can experiment with some interesting positions and increase that. Try standing guys! Ladies, break a sweat.

So, decide what you like best and go for it. However, if you decide to opt for sexual activity, and enjoy fellatio on your guy, remember, you have to add back 15-30 calories if you swallow.

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