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Anxious About Anal Play?

Posted on: March 3, 2011

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So why the fascination with anal?

It is one of the naughtiest, dirtiest and most shameful things we can think of! And of course the forbidden fruit always seems to be the sweetest. Anal play is probably one of the biggest taboos in our society today, but it can also be a turn on, extremely stimulating and satisfying too.

The word anal is not exactly fun or sexy either. It has a bad rap in our society. We call people ass when we don’t like them. So it is hard to turn that into a positive experience for all. So we need some education, thought, and preparation to make this happen.

For starters, anal play or anal sex should not be confused with sodomy. Sodomy is a legal/criminal definition referring to unnatural sex acts – which often include both oral and anal sex. You will have to check your local and state laws in the USA to see if there are sodomy laws on the books in your neighborhood – many of you will be surprised that you are breaking the law in your own bedrooms already!

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