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Even More Advanced Anal Sex Techniques

Posted on: March 10, 2011

Anal Toys

Toy fun…same principals apply that we have been discussing. When using vibes and dildos, always start at the edges…the receiver determines the pace and placement. Insertion should always be optional.

There are many toys you can use for stimulation in the anal area, but nothing seems to be more fascinating than Anal beads. So lets talk about them a bit.

Anal beads are a type of sex toy for both men and women to use when alone or with a partner. This toy is a good introduction to anal sex for beginners.

Typically, anal beads are smooth and round. But some also have textures too. They can be inexpensive beads on a string or more sophisticated one piece units made of hygienic materials like silicone. The more sophisticated wands are generally easier to clean. However, they all have the same basic function. And all should have some sort of extra large end piece, handle or a ring for easy retrieval.

The beads are inserted gently at a time into a person’s anus during foreplay. Some people experience the most pleasure during insertion. Others enjoy the sensation of the beads being pulled out when reaching orgasm as they can enhance climax.

When used by women anally, the beads produce the most stimulation right around the anus. Many women like to use beads or wands vaginally because they create lots of sensation at the opening of the vaginal canal…of course you would never switch toys back and forth from anal to vaginal to prevent cross contamination.

Men often prefer the action of stimulating the prostate, particularly during orgasm.

There are also many other kinds of plugs and vibrators that can be used anally.

Important tips to keep in mind include:

  • Sometimes inexpensive anal beads have a rough edge around each bead. It’s important to file these rough edges with a nail file before use to prevent damage to the sensitive anal tissue.
  • If you use beads on a string, be sure the string is strong. Oftentimes the strings become stained and bleaching the string weakens it and can irritate some people. I tend to recommend the one piece toys for this reason
  • As with anything inserted anally, you can place your beads inside a condom to aid in cleanup.
  • Always select toys with a flared base or ring…do not rely on mechanical wires to be retrieval cords!

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