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How To Massage The Prostate for Pleasure

Posted on: March 12, 2011

Prostate and bladder, sagittal section.

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Just inside the anus…1-2 inches toward the penis. Again not pretty words, but keep your eye on the prize because it can be very pleasurable when the prostate is massaged.

When aroused the prostate becomes firm and feels like the tip of your nose.

Mind blowing massage tips – go slow, especially for first time experiences.

Condom finger first. Use lube generously on condom and anus. Help him relax. Insert finger a couple inches slowly into anus and move it toward the base of the penis from inside. Then use a gentle come here motion with the finger, forming a j hook. Slowly and gently massage the prostate. Guys, you will feel a little pressure and somewhat like you need to use the bathroom, but moving past that it gets pleasurable. Then you can work on what feels best. Let him set the pace.

Now learn to have fun with your tongue. Rimming, rim job Analingus. It all means oral to anal stimulation.

All of our previous rules apply

The tongue is also an erogenous zone.

Now you can explore just around the edges…do not underestimate the power of the rim. Use a barrier like a dental dam, a condom or rubber glove cut open or even saran wrap (but not the press n seal) for safety and better flavors. Add a touch of lube to the anus side, and a flavor of choice to the outside!

Have fun exploring your erogenous zones.

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