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More Anal Techniques Tips and Tricks

Posted on: March 13, 2011

Finger binary

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Start with cunnilingus…and a finger

The very very best way to go about anal – if you decide it is something you even want to try – is to begin orally with the clitoris. For women, anal stimulation during oral can give twice the sensation since twice the nerve endings are involved.

Guys tip, always be sure your nails are trimmed and filed. Of course you will want to both be relaxed. Place a condom over your finger and lube both the condom and the anus.

While orally stimulating the clitoris, gently start around the edges of the anus…where a lot of those nerve endings are. Many women will find this the mother lode of pleasure. Make a small O around the edges, no insertion, use firm pressure. This is a tease. Make it last as long as you can until she makes the first move.

Let it be her decision if there is to be any insertion…but for women most of the foreplay is building the anticipation. If there is any insertion, she will decide how deep how far, how fast and how long.  The key is to build anticipation and let her set the pace and the path.

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