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Posted on: March 25, 2011

Start off right. To get clean, it’s fine to jump in and out of the shower. But sometimes, you want to make bathing more of an event. So you add bubble bath to the tub, dim the lights, light candles, turn on some music, and soak luxuriously.

Sex is similar. It’s fine to jump right into bed. But sometimes, you want to transform plain old sex into a celebration. Fun and fantasy products turn ordinary sex into something extraordinary. These products include body glitter and paints, blindfolds, handcuffs, ticklers, and games.

Blindfolds and Restraints
First, let’s dispel one myth; the idea that games, or blindfolds and handcuffs are somehow silly, abusive or “kinky.” Wrong. In loving hands, these toys are wholesome, fun, and sensually erotic. They make sex more dramatic, more exciting and less predictable.

Playfully erotic games are very similar to using blind folds above. How much do you trust your lover? Enough to answer—and ask—highly personal questions? Games ask you to do or say things that you might not do uninspired. Things that might open up a new world for you, sexually and emotionally.

Body Decorations
Men are visual, and get turned on by what they see; women are more sensual and get turned on by touch and caress. That is why products like Jewels or Body Finger Paints are so appealing. You or your partner can apply them for a visual and tactile treat that appeals to both your erotic turn-ons.

Ticklers are typically feathers, or mittens made of soft, furry fabric, or latex toys with dozens of soft, sensual “fingers” protruding from them. Every touch becomes erotically special, and ticklers can be sensational turn-ons.

Enjoy Your Fun and Fantasy!


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