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Are You the Best Kisser You Can Be?

Posted on: April 3, 2011

French Kiss

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A first kiss can be a great indicator of what is to come in a relationship. It is a great way to sense if that magical attraction between you. Watch for fireworks, butterflies I the stomach and all those fun signs.  An added note, wear those pheromones for extra oomph.


There are many types of kisses from light sweet angel kisses, to hickey kisses. All over kisses to kisses focused on one area. Kisses with tongue, with sucking, with licking, with flavors, and fantasies and more. You can celebrate, surprise, say hello or goodby or good morning and so much more with a kiss. But of all the kisses, the most misunderstood seems to be the illusive French kiss.

French Kissing Basics from Sacha Tarkovsky
The lips are one of the most important erogenous zones for both men and women and the power of a good kiss is neatly summed in the following quote:

The French kiss is romantic and a great start to foreplay as well. It is a fantastic way for you to express your feelings, emotions and desire and an erotic ad fun way to fill both you and your partner with passion and desire.

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