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Silicone Blends in Sex Toys

Posted on: June 6, 2011

Silicone blends vary in their density — some are very soft while others are more rigid. Silicone and blends are generally pliable. The variation depends on how much silicone is poured into the mold. Pure silicone toys are non-porous, but when silicone is only one of many ingredients, you should treat them like jelly rubber toys.
The benefit of having a silicone mix is that the material will last longer, and be less likely to break down or tear.

They may contain rubber softeners such as phthalates. Use with condoms for safety and to aid in cleanup.
Do not use silicone lube with silicone/rubber mix toys as it can melt the toy. Be sure to use a condom over the toy if you want to use silicone lube.

Siligel- a Doc Johnson creation that impreginates small amounts of antibiotic along with the silicone material to decrease the infection potential, much like many countertops these days.

Lube: Use only water-based lubes

Cleaning:.  For more delicate polymers or blends, or if you are not sure what the toy material is… stick to warm water and toy cleaner. Wash before and after use with toy cleaner to prevent contamination and maintain PH balance. rinse with warm water and air or pat dry.

Storage:  When dry, store in individual plastic bags for best results. Remove batteries before storage.

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