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About Darlene The Party Lady

In 1978 I became an RN. I had done everything from floor nursing, specialty services, employee health and even teaching nursing. In 1997 found myself working at the same company for over 10 years and realized that my income from “the day job” was only going to go up by 1%-4% a year – forever! The only way I could move up and retire comfortably was to take a management job or go back to school. I started on my Masters degree, and I also started a small business selling phone cards to supplement my income and retirement fund.

Well, school was hard and was going to take me at least 5 years part time, and the phone cards were a disaster. Actually, I can’t even remember all the other opportunities I checked out. I moved on to try selling household goods, skin care and vitamin supplements. I felt like a duck in water. I would was paddling like crazy, going to meetings, trying products, buying starter kits and doing everything I was told,  but I wasn’t getting anywhere. In fact, I was losing money.

I was surprised that even though the various products were really high quality, people would shop at their local ‘mart because their products were cheaper and worked “good enough.”

Then I decided to try Passion Parties.  I had been to “those” parties back in my college years, and really just wanted to have a party because they were so fun. But, there were no consultants near me, so I signed up. What was one more trial company? Plus, I could get the discount on my own romance toys and hold my own party. And the biggest selling point for me, they didn’t carry this kind of product at any of the ‘marts!!!

Passion Parties business model is a party plan presentation with a network marketing pay schedule. We are the premiere sensual products party plan and provide the perfect discreet, informative, supportive, and entertaining environment for women to learn how to enhance their relationships and purchase passion enhancement products. Once I realized the amazing opportunity with particular business model, and at the urging of my tax man, I dropped all the other business and started to focus on Passion Parties.

In February 2004 I left my full time job as a nurse to do Passion Parties full time. I don’t regret it for one minute. After all, I was earning six figures for the first time in my life, and have been ever since.

What got me – a sensible product line that was filling a need, especially for women.

What kept me – a great sense of satisfaction doing parties and sharing life changing information and products. Not to mention the great pay, the flexible schedule and the chance to live my dream.

At Passion Parties, we believe that each and every woman can reach her individual potential, and that is why we support the philosophy of women helping women, and put it in action every day.

For me, Passion Parties is THE PLACE TO BE! It has given me the time and money to do all the things I want to do – like write a book, travel and even write this blog. Living the Dream!!!

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Darlene The Party Lady Is a Passion Parties Independent Consultant, Romance Ehnancement Specialist, Author, Trainer and Sex-EduTainer!

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Book a party today for more fun and romance secrets

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