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Lingerie is actually a term for undies for both sexs! It derives from the French word ‘lin’ for linen. The concept of lingerie being visually appealing sexual enhancement is relatively recent times…

Undergarments were initially intended to alter shape, improve hygiene and provide a modicum of modesty. Corsets, girdles, bras, slips an other contraptions were often very large and bulky.

As the 20th century progressed underwear became smaller and more form fitting. Then welcome the  1960s, when life went wild, and lingerie began to be glamorized ushering in a whole new selection of styles, fabrics, fun and fantasy for all of us! The rest is, well, history!

Mouth Assessment

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Quite simply, French kisses are kisses in which you also use your tongue. There really is no right or wrong way to kiss.

The point to keep in mind is that everybody kisses differently and different people prefer different ways of kissing.

Try kissing your partner a few times before deciding how you and your partner prefer kissing.

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect French kiss.

Relax Yourself
You lips should be relaxed, you body should also be relaxed, otherwise it will be like kissing a dead fish!

Open Lips
Open your lips (not to wide) but just like you do when regularly breathing through your mouth.

Do not have your faces directly opposite each other or your noses will clash. You want to move your head to one side just enough so your nose is out of the way of your partners.
Your mouths will then meet at the corner of your partner’s mouth and you won’t clash noses!

Open your mouth and put your tongue out around an inch or two. Your tongue will then go into your partner’s mouth and theirs will of course go into yours.
Circle the tip of your tongue around the tip of theirs. If they do something different (and all people like to kiss differently) then just do the same as they do, if you are enjoying the sensation.

French Kiss

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A first kiss can be a great indicator of what is to come in a relationship. It is a great way to sense if that magical attraction between you. Watch for fireworks, butterflies I the stomach and all those fun signs.  An added note, wear those pheromones for extra oomph.


There are many types of kisses from light sweet angel kisses, to hickey kisses. All over kisses to kisses focused on one area. Kisses with tongue, with sucking, with licking, with flavors, and fantasies and more. You can celebrate, surprise, say hello or goodby or good morning and so much more with a kiss. But of all the kisses, the most misunderstood seems to be the illusive French kiss.

French Kissing Basics from Sacha Tarkovsky
The lips are one of the most important erogenous zones for both men and women and the power of a good kiss is neatly summed in the following quote:

The French kiss is romantic and a great start to foreplay as well. It is a fantastic way for you to express your feelings, emotions and desire and an erotic ad fun way to fill both you and your partner with passion and desire.

玉珠峰的星空 / starry night of Yuzhu

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Experience your lover in a new way no matter where you are. It can be as easy as turning your bedroom into a sexy boudoir with a fun or foreign theme, camping out (just the two of you) in your backyard under the stars, or as easy as checking into a hotel for the night.


A sensual enhancement, such as a toy or flavored lotions, is another option to help you spice up your love life and capture vacation sex all year long. It’s also the perfect time to explore your curiosities with more adventurous sex toys.


Having an open mind and good communication is key in any aspect of a relationship. If you have both of these elements already, you are limited only by your imagination.


Sexual enhancements are not limited to only physical pleasure. They can be used to explore intimacy, develop trust, learn about each others’ bodies, your likes and dislikes. This is one of the reasons why Passion Parties carries a wide range of products from romance to adventure.


No matter who you are, no matter your level of experience, there’s something for everyone

Fresco erótico de Pompeya from the Thermae

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So why the fascination with anal?

It is one of the naughtiest, dirtiest and most shameful things we can think of! And of course the forbidden fruit always seems to be the sweetest. Anal play is probably one of the biggest taboos in our society today, but it can also be a turn on, extremely stimulating and satisfying too.

The word anal is not exactly fun or sexy either. It has a bad rap in our society. We call people ass when we don’t like them. So it is hard to turn that into a positive experience for all. So we need some education, thought, and preparation to make this happen.

For starters, anal play or anal sex should not be confused with sodomy. Sodomy is a legal/criminal definition referring to unnatural sex acts – which often include both oral and anal sex. You will have to check your local and state laws in the USA to see if there are sodomy laws on the books in your neighborhood – many of you will be surprised that you are breaking the law in your own bedrooms already!

Lola Bel Aire, striptease from Miss Exotic Wor...

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Now you’re ready to dance. Your striptease should have a theme. Be sure you have the right costume. You could wear a fun fantasy costume or nothing at all. Use scarves, feathers or wear sexy lingerie or the more risqué

Don’t forget to adorn your supple skin with special shimmer color.  Glitter Glo glow in the dark glitter. Draw some fun suggestions, hearts arrows or anything you like, works great under a black light!!!

For some real fun, cover yourself from head to toe in a glittering body lotion like Glitter Body Gel from Passion Parties. Then wrap a ribbon around yourself and tie it in a bow. Present the “present” to your lover and let him know his gift is ready to be unwrapped.

Another favorite trick is to spritz on Body Dew lotion, then dust with Gold dust. It gives the look of sparkly nylons without the costraints.

Whatever your do, make your performance personalized because it truly is a personal gift from you to your lover. When dancing, remove your clothes or accessories slowly and don’t let your partner touch you. Your goal is to tease and entice.

Maintain direct eye contact throughout your dance and keep your confidence high. Once you’ve performed your first striptease you and your lover will desire repeat performances. So release your inhibitions and get your body moving. An intimate striptease is a sexy way to say, “I love you.”

Once you are ready to strip for your partner, prepare a plan and prepare yourself. Since you will most likely end your performance nude, be sure your skin feels and smells luscious by using the Passion Parties’ exclusive line of RomantaTherapy® products. Soak in a warm bath of Sensuous Bath Salts and exfoliate with Salt Glow Body Scrub.

Finish off with Plumeria Liquid Body Silk or Alluring Body Lotion. If shaving is necessary for your seductive performance, use Soft & Silky UniSE X Shaving Crème followed by Soft & Silky After Shave Protection Mist, which shields newly shaved skin.

Now that you feel great, don’t forget the ambiance. Have romantic music ready and your preferred tune cued to set the mood. Dim the lights and set the stage with a few aromatic candles, such as RomantaTherapy Seduction Soy Massage Candles.

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