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Soothe your lover before sex with Green Tea RomantaTherapy® Basic Set.
1. Draw a warm, romantic bath filled with two to three capfuls of RT Sensuous Bath Salts, and invite your partner in. Let them soak for a few minutes while sipping their favorite beverage.
2. Apply the RT Salt Glow Body Scrub, and rub it in to massage muscles and exfoliate dead skin cells. Concentrate on areas such as the hands, feet, arms, knees, elbows and upper back. Rinse.
3. Squeeze a quarter-size amount of RT Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel onto a sponge or loofah. Then, start scrubbing (lovingly) all over their body. Again, concentrate on the areas mentioned above.
4. Immerse the sponge or loofah in water, and then squeeze it, dripping water all over their body. Repeat until all soap and product residue is rinsed from the body.
5. Since your lover will be super relaxed, you’ll need to help them out of the bath. Once out, wrap them in warm towels. Follow with an all-over massage using RT Alluring Body Lotion. Start at the feet and work your way up to the legs, and so forth, all the way to the top of the body. Take it up a naughty notch with Sweet Sensations (not included in set). Then, use your tongue to provide an oral massage in their more “central” areas.
New Frontiers
Ask your partner to choose a few new sex positions that neither of you have ever tried before. 52 Passion Positions has tons of sexy ideas. The new experience will not only be educational, but build intimacy as well. For extra stimulation, use a c-ring like Dark Knight while testing out the positions.
Anatomy 101 (Passion Parties-style)
Flip to chapter three of “The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex.” There you’ll find an insightful refresher course in sexual anatomy. By understanding how your partner’s body works, you’ll have a better idea of how to pleasure them.

Toy Box for Two
Sex is better when both partners are satisfied. Why not incorporate “sexcessories” that you both can enjoy. We-Vibe II stimulates his shaft and your vaginal sweet spots (i.e. inner wall, G-spot) all at the same time. Find more Couple’s Toys in the Let’s Play Catalog. Hot items include the Progressor, Tickling Trio, and Inflatable Passion Pillow—just to name a few.

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Who knew working from home would be such fun! In case you weren’t sure, I do work from home. I get to set my schedule, travel when I want to, and do my office work late at night! I am  a retired nurse, turned Passion Parties Independent Consultant.

Passion Parties have been enhancing the relationships of our clients with sensual products designed to promote intimacy and communication between couples. Our Consultants come from all walks of life.

*Passion Consultants are Mothers
*Passion Consultants are Daughters
*Passion Consultants hold Corporate Jobs
*Passion Consultants are Housewives
*Passion Consultants are Single
*Passion Consultants are Married
*Passion Consultants are 25
*Passion Consultants are 65
*Passion Consultants are Having Fun
*Passion Consultants are LIVING LIFE!

Passion Consultants™ throughout the United States and Canada share a mission, an opportunity and quality sensual products. We are a dynamic, growing network of professional women.

Have you got a passion for passion?

Let me know if you, or someone you know are interested in this fun, exciting and lucrative business opportunity.

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