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Well I don’t want to get into a big science project here. But the majority of pheromone in humans comes out through our sweat. But this is obviously not the most desirable way to meet a date. What is so ironic is whenever we shower we clean off our own natural pheromone. Then we put on deodorant and mask pheromones our body creates. So our natural levels are pretty low.

Since our body only secretes small amounts of pheromone there is an advantage to using bath and body care products enhanced with pheromones. This can give you that extra sexual allure you’ve been searching for!

Pheromones may also be responsible for boosting careers. Wearing pheromones may subconsciously help people around you perceive you as someone who exudes tremendous confidence. The more confident you are or are perceived to be, the more successful you will be in both your career and your personal life. I have many people that work in service related fields who swear that wearing pheromones helps to increase their tips.

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In Shakespeare’s day, a lusty female would tuck a peeled apple under her arm then later offer it to the man she desired. The pheromone soaked “love apple” supposedly induced desire.

Pheromones can reportedly help:

«  Get more eye contacts and smiles and make every day treat me sweet day.

«  Others may find you instantly more attractive.

«  People may feel more at ease and relaxed with you.

«  Notice more people paying attention to you when you are wearing your pheromones

«  Stranges may start conversations with you

«  Youc could Increase your chances of getting a date with that “special someone”.

«  Have instant chemistry on a “blind date”.

But don’t be surprised if people stare at you when you are wearing pheromones. Strangers may think they know you, they may even try to get a closer sniff of you so be sure to wear a smile and have some fun!

Biology Today, Masami Teraoka, ch. title page,...

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Do you ever wish you had that extra edge that would help make you somehow more interesting, extra exciting and completely enticing to others? Well, Pheromones just might be the answer! There is not a lot of science on this one…but don’t rule it out just yet.

Pheromones are a naturally occurring chemical compound found in insects, animals and humans. When particular pheromones are secreted they dictate sexual behavior.  In the animal kingdom they generally signal the start of the mating ritual. I am sure you have all witnessed the power of a female dogs in heat, their pheromone and can attract male dogs over a mile away.

Recently researchers at the University of Chicago recently say they have the first proof that humans produce and react to pheromones. Their findings published in the journal Nature, say they found that female ovulation could be made longer or shorter through the use of pheromones.

Colorful blister beetle

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The crushed and powdered body of the emerald-green blister beetle is considered an aphrodisiac. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

When the beetle powder comes in contact with the skin, it causes swelling and blistering. Some men hoped it would cause swelling of the penis too. Some guys will try just about anything.

It was also believed that, if this substance was slipped into the drink of a lady, it would arouse the desire for sex. Which it didn’t of course!

Oh, and if you were thinking of trying the cocktail Spanish Fly, it does not contain any crushed beetles at all, just tequila and cinnamon.

goddess of Greek Mythology

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For centuries, humans have searched for secret to better sex. Aphrodisiacs were considered magical ‘special agents of love’. Originally believed to be sent from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality, to spark sexual desire among mortals.  So in a way, they are like love potions that have been used for a variety of sexual improvements in such arenas as:

  • Virility
  • Fertility
  • Seduction
  • Attraction
  • Passion
  • Spice
  • Fire
  • Desire

They can come in the form of a scent or smell or taste. Sometimes there are components of aphrodisiacs that do cause an actual reaction. Sometimes the mere suggestion of the outcome is enough, and sometimes the shape or texture of the item adds to its sexual appeal.

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