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Histological section of prostate gland.

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Remember, for guys the prostate gland, also known as the male g-spot, the p-spot or the a-spot, is located just a little bit north of the perineum…sort of between the perineum and the anal canal. I know, a bad visual, but I bet you got the picture.

So what do you want to do with this little landing spot? 
Since some men find testicle stimulation to be a little TOO much, 
stimulation of the perineum is a good alternative. As I always recommend, 
if you decide to experiment with any new bedroom fun, be sure the avenues of 
communication are open. And while you are in the neighborhood, consider trying some of 
these moves on the penis, scrotum or anus too!
  •    licking
  • gently sucking (and no teeth unless specifically requested, and then only super gently)
  • fondle especially during intercourse!
  •  massage
  • vibration

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Criss Cross Sex Position
This favorite is a remarkable position because it allows him to sustain intercourse for what seems to be forever and usually control climax of the man. When done properly, couple’s have experienced multiple orgasms and have even extended orgasms far beyond the norm!

To implement this sex position… sit facing each other with penis inserted. Both partners should have legs partially extended. Clasping hands and moving them out to the sides of the body, and lying back as far as possible and looking up towards the ceiling. At this point, both partners are joined only at the hands and genitals. With little movement pleasure is sustained for quite a long time.

What will it do for her?
This is guaranteed to hit her GSpot giving her instant orgasm. Alternating of tightness and widening she will feel two types of sensations, that of deepness and that of feeling her vagina wrapped around his penis and when her legs are crossed again.

What will it do for the man?
He gets to watch the action. Seeing her orgasm can guarantee that he will soon be following. He will feel the same feelings as her but have a better advantage of taking it at his own pace.

tiny sex positions

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Rear Entry Sex Position
The Rear Entry position also called “doggie style” is a favorite among sex enthusiasts. It does have one advantage and one disadvantage – the advantage is because of the angle and the depth of penetration, it is an excellent way to reach the G-Spot. The disadvantage is that it’s sometimes difficult to keep his penis inside her and there is no direct clitoral stimulation.

Rear Entry Sex Position involves the man kneeling behind her as she is on all fours using kneepads or pillows placed under the knees. The most common body position is the man and woman having similar body positions, in other words, bodies as close together as possible.

Kneeling Position
This calls for him to be sitting or kneeling with his penis inside her. The woman can have her knees pulled up to her chest with her feet flat on his chest while she rolls her hips around while stimulating her G- Spot.

My lab coat and scrubs -- Samir धर्म 11:07, 7 ...

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A Sexam does not have to be a solo mission. If and when you are comfortable, this is also a great practice for you and your lover to try out as well. This is a great way for you can be sure he or she knows exactly what pleases you – no more excuses.

  • Make a rule to wait a couple of hours after the exam before you have sex. This allows you both to make the most of the exam’s educational benefits.
  • Follow the same suggestions as a solo exam, but take turns exploring.
  • Don’t touch one another at the same time. Each of you should focus solely on one another.
  • Communicate what feels good and what doesn’t.
  • Consider turning this into one of those fantasies, has anyone got a white coat and stethoscope?

Did you know the average American will eat 35,000 cookies in a lifetime. I figure you deserve to eat a cookie if you made it through your first sexam!

The average American woman spends 55 minutes per day getting showered, dressed, and groomed.  By now that sexam is sounding like a pretty good idea, right?

A:  Prepuce (Hood) of Clitoris

B:  Clitoris

C:  Opening of Urethra (urinary tract)

D:  Labia minora

E:  Labia majora

F:  Opening of Vagina

G:  Vestibule

H:  Hyman tissue (residual if any)

I:  Opening of Anus

  • Set a relaxed and quite mood with a flair of sensuality.
  • Arrange for  privacy, it would be hard to explain this to your neighbor or mother in law.
  • Wear a robe for easy access.
  • Get comfortable.
  • Be sure you have good lighting.
  • Have a bath first if you like…
  • Dry off

Let’s Begin!

  • Sit with your back against a pillow, knees propped up and your feet on the floor or bed. Or you can do this in a tub too If you have one large enough.
  • Spread your legs; use a hand mirror to see yourself. On my! What do you see?

So what exactly are you looking for? Everything of course:

  • Note the texture and color of the skin of each part.
  • If you’d like a more “slick” feeling, add a little lube as you touch.
  • You may want to experiment by using different props to touch yourself. For instance: a vibrator, feather, or any object you think you may respond to.
  • Using a finger, stroke each small area lightly. Keep track of what area and stroke feels best to you.

Let us now identify each of the following parts you will be examining:

Vulva is the name give to the whole area we are going to explore I am going to describe the main parts now. But know there are other glands, nooks and crannies you may need to be aware of at some point in your life.

Labia Majora – the outer lips of the labia actually it means “big lips.”

Labia Minora – Inner Labia or lips. And for the record, about 1/3 of the women have larger/longer or fuller inner lips than outer lips.

Clitoris – Small pea size button located at the top area where the labia meet. It is covered by a small piece of skin called the hood. This is similar to the foreskin in an uncircumsized man. This is the holy grail of nerve endings in women, and stimulating it generally provides most women with pleasureable feelings.

  • Move the hood of the clitoris back and forth over the glands.
  • Apply different types of pressure.
  • Pay attention to the fleshy area that surrounds the clitoris too.

Vulval vestibule is between the  labia minora and the vaginal opening.

Urethra – this is the opening where the urine passes out of the body and is located in the vestibule. Urine is a sterile system, so it is never a good idea to insert anything into the urethra.

Vagina – this is where you insert a tampon, where the baby comes out and where a penis would be inserted for vaginal sex. There is a whole treasure trove inside the vagina too. IF you are feeling like feeling around, insert a finger along the front side of the vaginal wall about 1 to 2 inches in, and you should be in the neighborhood of the G-spot. A little farther in in the same area should get you to the cervix. This is the opening to the uterus…however the opening is very tiny, about the size of a pencil point. Unless you are ready to give birth of course.

  • Place 2 fingers in the outer third of the vagina.
  • Try tightening your PC muscles (also known as Kegel exercises). Do this with two fingers inside.
  • Attempt to “suck in” your fingers into your vagina by pulling in with your muscles.
  • Try to force them out by bearing down.
  • Consider using a lubed speculum to insert into your vagina (cheap, plastic ones are easy to purchase).
  • Point a flashlight into your vagina, many of you will be able to see your cervix or at least your vaginal canal in the mirror.

Tip: feel the roof of your mouth vs the cheek. That is the difference you should feel when you hit the g spot vs regular vaginal wall tissue. To get an idea of what your cervix feels like, touch the tip of your nose. The cervix is firm and you will feel a little indent area where the opening is.

Perineum– is the official name for everything behind the vagina up to the

Anus – which is the opening for waste products to be eliminated from your body. That is where you might spot those hemorrhoids some day. The best thing to know about the anus is that it is very sensitive and some people like stimulation there. We will be devoting an entire podcast to back door fun and games in the near future.

Shunga Arte ed eros in Giappone nel periodo Edo
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For bigger and better orgasms, a woman can explore additional stimulation at the vaginal opening and or g-spot are worth exploring too, both by themselves and along with clitoral stimulation. Using a multifunction vibrator or massager is a great idea. Multifunction toys stimulate more than one area of interest at a time.

And some additional benefits of self-pleasuring – it is the safest sex you can have. It helps you learn about your body. It gives you the chance to enjoy who you are, and never have to worry about your performance. In addition to being pleasurable, it’s natural, invigorating, rejuvenating and fun. It increases your sexual awareness and makes you a better lover. You should never feel ashamed about self-pleasure — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying who you are and what makes you feel good.

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Masturbation in women is commonly accomplished by touching, stroking or massaging the vulva and especially the clitoris until orgasm. Some women prefer additional stimulation at the vaginal opening or g-spot too. This can be achieved by using some of the specialty lotions, enhancement potions or other romance accessories.

Adding a little lubrication is also a wonderful adjunct to pleasure. Our most popular lubricant is a water based lube called Revelation. I recommend standing your bottle of lube in a sink of warm water before use for even better sensations. Some people even use one of those little potpourri burners at the bedside to keep lube warm for extended sessions of self pleasuring or partner play time too!

One big misconception about self-pleasuring for women is that it solely involves your finger(s) and your clitoris. But self-pleasuring is about connecting to, and understanding your own body. Don’t limit yourself!!! Be sure to include the other sensual regions of your body like your neck, breasts, nipples, stomach, thighs and buttocks and more. Explore your whole body, and remember all the places that tingle at your touch. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, you can find lots of romance enhancement products on my shopping site.

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