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Tricks And Treats

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Challenge Time!

Take 5 minutes to write down all the thing your partner does that you love! Only the good things. Pick the best tricks, techniques and touches you can think of. Then compare notes…

玉珠峰的星空 / starry night of Yuzhu

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Experience your lover in a new way no matter where you are. It can be as easy as turning your bedroom into a sexy boudoir with a fun or foreign theme, camping out (just the two of you) in your backyard under the stars, or as easy as checking into a hotel for the night.


A sensual enhancement, such as a toy or flavored lotions, is another option to help you spice up your love life and capture vacation sex all year long. It’s also the perfect time to explore your curiosities with more adventurous sex toys.


Having an open mind and good communication is key in any aspect of a relationship. If you have both of these elements already, you are limited only by your imagination.


Sexual enhancements are not limited to only physical pleasure. They can be used to explore intimacy, develop trust, learn about each others’ bodies, your likes and dislikes. This is one of the reasons why Passion Parties carries a wide range of products from romance to adventure.


No matter who you are, no matter your level of experience, there’s something for everyone

exercise makes you horny

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You know, Everything you do burns calories…here are some fun guesstimates based on an average. Everything from age, sex, muscle mass to genetics and more would need to be factored in for specifics.

  • · Sleeping or being a “dead lay”  burns about 60 calories per hour.
  • · Eating burns about 70-80 calories an hour…so if you eat long enough can you lose it all? Hmmm????
  • · Showering about 250 calories an hour…but who wants to spend an hour in the shower
  • Light house work burns about 100 calories per hour so does kissing and light petting
  • Light exercise, breaking a sweat 150- 250 calories per hour
  • Very active sports 400 to 600 an hour or more!!!
  • Average Sexual activity 100-300 calories per hour. But, you can experiment with some interesting positions and increase that. Try standing guys! Ladies, break a sweat.

So, decide what you like best and go for it. However, if you decide to opt for sexual activity, and enjoy fellatio on your guy, remember, you have to add back 15-30 calories if you swallow.


Human heart

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During orgasm, the heart averages 140 beats per minute.


Women's panties or knickers

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Four percent of American women own no undergarments.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is getting a lot of buzz right now. So what is it?

According to Sara Danver’s article:

Its a thrilling mystery with intriguing characters and a little bit of romance. What you don’t expect, however, is the darkness — the sexual violence, human trafficking and sinister government secrets. The series appears at first to be your typical journalist-turned-vigilante detective story, complete with a sexy, mysterious assistant who has a knack for hacking. But layered beneath the paperback mystery storyline is an exposé on government corruption combined with a conflict between national security and an abused young woman wrongfully committed to an insane asylum.

Sounds like a rough weekend to me! Click one of the links to get more info and decide if you have to see this one.

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British Journal of Clinical Practice reports – Of the people who die suddenly during sex, 80% are in the act of cheating on their spouses. Make you think twice anyone? 🙂

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