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Try this – Put on something that you feel sexy in, and guess what? You’ll project more sex appeal. For many women this doesn’t necessarily mean some of the traditional “sexy” lingerie we see in Frederick’s of Hollywood. But something that you feel sensuous and confident in, perhaps something that skims your tummy or thighs so you are less self-conscious. Or something that accents your assets and hides your….well you know what I mean, Focus on what you like about yourself like your waist instead of what you perceive to be your liabilities. Wear  something lacy, something soft or slick or pick a color that just makes you feel on top of the world!

There is a piece of lingerie for EVERY woman that makes her look and feel like the sexiest woman in the world. Now, that’s the idea behind lingerie.

Of course the sexier you feel, the more likely you will want to do something about that feeling.  Lingerie can help extend foreplay. Consider this, ladies, put on some favorite lingerie and performing a striptease for your partner. When a woman says, “I’m going to strip for you,” a man understands what’s about to happen. He will be happy to sit and enjoys the show—for as long as it lasts. If he’s anxious, ladies just say, “Don’t get up out of your chair, or the show’s over.” Most men are quite happy to sit quietly and be entertained by a lover who strips for them.

Lingerie is actually a term for undies for both sexs! It derives from the French word ‘lin’ for linen. The concept of lingerie being visually appealing sexual enhancement is relatively recent times…

Undergarments were initially intended to alter shape, improve hygiene and provide a modicum of modesty. Corsets, girdles, bras, slips an other contraptions were often very large and bulky.

As the 20th century progressed underwear became smaller and more form fitting. Then welcome the  1960s, when life went wild, and lingerie began to be glamorized ushering in a whole new selection of styles, fabrics, fun and fantasy for all of us! The rest is, well, history!

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From Babydolls and chemises to corsets and costumes, some people – especially women –  don’t fully understand the benefits of lingerie. They think that skimpy, sexy outfits that display a woman’s charms are only sexual enhancement for men. If that’s how you enjoy using lingerie, fine. It definitely works!

What man doesn’t love looking at a woman in lingerie? Not only do men love seeing women in lingerie, something amazing usually happens when a woman puts on the right lingerie. She not only looks sexy, but she feels sexy, she becomes sexy. Lingerie can boost confidence and help shed inhibitions. The right lingerie can turn nearly any woman into a smoldering sex kitten.

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Now you’re ready to dance. Your striptease should have a theme. Be sure you have the right costume. You could wear a fun fantasy costume or nothing at all. Use scarves, feathers or wear sexy lingerie or the more risqué

Don’t forget to adorn your supple skin with special shimmer color.  Glitter Glo glow in the dark glitter. Draw some fun suggestions, hearts arrows or anything you like, works great under a black light!!!

For some real fun, cover yourself from head to toe in a glittering body lotion like Glitter Body Gel from Passion Parties. Then wrap a ribbon around yourself and tie it in a bow. Present the “present” to your lover and let him know his gift is ready to be unwrapped.

Another favorite trick is to spritz on Body Dew lotion, then dust with Gold dust. It gives the look of sparkly nylons without the costraints.

Whatever your do, make your performance personalized because it truly is a personal gift from you to your lover. When dancing, remove your clothes or accessories slowly and don’t let your partner touch you. Your goal is to tease and entice.

Maintain direct eye contact throughout your dance and keep your confidence high. Once you’ve performed your first striptease you and your lover will desire repeat performances. So release your inhibitions and get your body moving. An intimate striptease is a sexy way to say, “I love you.”

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Did you know?  Marilyn Monroe, the most celebrated sex icon of the 20th century, confessed to a friend that despite her three husbands and a parade of lovers, she had never had an orgasm.

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Here are some ideas to get your lover relaxed and get the blood flowing in just the right places.

1. Bathe in super sexy bath salts together while whispering sweet nothings to your sweetie.

2. Write a long love letter, seal it with a kiss and a dab of Pure Instinct Unisex Pheromone Cologne, and mail it to your partner.

3. Select some Fantasy Lingerie for a fun-filled evening in.

4. Tickle each other using A Feather and perhaps something else?

5. Brush each other’s hair and massage the scalp and neck with a Vibrating Bath Ball.

6. Pop a Hershey Kiss into your mouth before you smooch. Mmmmmm, so sweet and sexy!

7. Give your beloved a bottle of Passion Massage Lotion and try it out on each other. Add a Super Deluxe Smitten for even more fun.

7 more hot ideas tomorrow!

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