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Prostate and bladder, sagittal section.

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Just inside the anus…1-2 inches toward the penis. Again not pretty words, but keep your eye on the prize because it can be very pleasurable when the prostate is massaged.

When aroused the prostate becomes firm and feels like the tip of your nose.

Mind blowing massage tips – go slow, especially for first time experiences.

Condom finger first. Use lube generously on condom and anus. Help him relax. Insert finger a couple inches slowly into anus and move it toward the base of the penis from inside. Then use a gentle come here motion with the finger, forming a j hook. Slowly and gently massage the prostate. Guys, you will feel a little pressure and somewhat like you need to use the bathroom, but moving past that it gets pleasurable. Then you can work on what feels best. Let him set the pace.

Now learn to have fun with your tongue. Rimming, rim job Analingus. It all means oral to anal stimulation.

All of our previous rules apply

The tongue is also an erogenous zone.

Now you can explore just around the edges…do not underestimate the power of the rim. Use a barrier like a dental dam, a condom or rubber glove cut open or even saran wrap (but not the press n seal) for safety and better flavors. Add a touch of lube to the anus side, and a flavor of choice to the outside!

Have fun exploring your erogenous zones.

Soothe your lover before sex with Green Tea RomantaTherapy® Basic Set.
1. Draw a warm, romantic bath filled with two to three capfuls of RT Sensuous Bath Salts, and invite your partner in. Let them soak for a few minutes while sipping their favorite beverage.
2. Apply the RT Salt Glow Body Scrub, and rub it in to massage muscles and exfoliate dead skin cells. Concentrate on areas such as the hands, feet, arms, knees, elbows and upper back. Rinse.
3. Squeeze a quarter-size amount of RT Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel onto a sponge or loofah. Then, start scrubbing (lovingly) all over their body. Again, concentrate on the areas mentioned above.
4. Immerse the sponge or loofah in water, and then squeeze it, dripping water all over their body. Repeat until all soap and product residue is rinsed from the body.
5. Since your lover will be super relaxed, you’ll need to help them out of the bath. Once out, wrap them in warm towels. Follow with an all-over massage using RT Alluring Body Lotion. Start at the feet and work your way up to the legs, and so forth, all the way to the top of the body. Take it up a naughty notch with Sweet Sensations (not included in set). Then, use your tongue to provide an oral massage in their more “central” areas.
New Frontiers
Ask your partner to choose a few new sex positions that neither of you have ever tried before. 52 Passion Positions has tons of sexy ideas. The new experience will not only be educational, but build intimacy as well. For extra stimulation, use a c-ring like Dark Knight while testing out the positions.
Anatomy 101 (Passion Parties-style)
Flip to chapter three of “The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex.” There you’ll find an insightful refresher course in sexual anatomy. By understanding how your partner’s body works, you’ll have a better idea of how to pleasure them.

Toy Box for Two
Sex is better when both partners are satisfied. Why not incorporate “sexcessories” that you both can enjoy. We-Vibe II stimulates his shaft and your vaginal sweet spots (i.e. inner wall, G-spot) all at the same time. Find more Couple’s Toys in the Let’s Play Catalog. Hot items include the Progressor, Tickling Trio, and Inflatable Passion Pillow—just to name a few.

Get RomtaTherapy Here!

No they did not
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8. Slow dance really close, even if there’s not any music.

9. Skip wearing underwear next time you go out with your partner.

10. Better yet, while you are out and about together, slip away to the restroom, remove your undies and place them on your partners lap for some real hot excitement.

11. Read passages from a sexy book to each other.

12. Teach each other to shave –his face, her legs…maybe more?

13. Give your love a hot massage with the Amazing Hot Massager and your favorite edible lotion.

14. Spend an afternoon posing each other for a glam or sexy photo shoot.

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