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Tricks And Treats

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Challenge Time!

Take 5 minutes to write down all the thing your partner does that you love! Only the good things. Pick the best tricks, techniques and touches you can think of. Then compare notes…

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From Babydolls and chemises to corsets and costumes, some people – especially women –  don’t fully understand the benefits of lingerie. They think that skimpy, sexy outfits that display a woman’s charms are only sexual enhancement for men. If that’s how you enjoy using lingerie, fine. It definitely works!

What man doesn’t love looking at a woman in lingerie? Not only do men love seeing women in lingerie, something amazing usually happens when a woman puts on the right lingerie. She not only looks sexy, but she feels sexy, she becomes sexy. Lingerie can boost confidence and help shed inhibitions. The right lingerie can turn nearly any woman into a smoldering sex kitten.

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Well, now that William is off the market, what are the chances of finding your prince? Well, better than you might think! Check out this article for some possibilities.

Pick A Prince Article With Pictures

Cover of "Royal Wedding"

Cover of Royal Wedding

I do!  Princess Diana was radiant. I was working nights in ICU and every single TV set was on. It was amazing.

I was so excited to wake up to some good news. Find out all the details here. And you can bet I will be up watching this one too… Wonder if Kate wants to have a Passion Party for her bachelorette???

Prince William Kate Middleton engaged

Shunga Arte ed eros in Giappone nel periodo Edo
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For bigger and better orgasms, a woman can explore additional stimulation at the vaginal opening and or g-spot are worth exploring too, both by themselves and along with clitoral stimulation. Using a multifunction vibrator or massager is a great idea. Multifunction toys stimulate more than one area of interest at a time.

And some additional benefits of self-pleasuring – it is the safest sex you can have. It helps you learn about your body. It gives you the chance to enjoy who you are, and never have to worry about your performance. In addition to being pleasurable, it’s natural, invigorating, rejuvenating and fun. It increases your sexual awareness and makes you a better lover. You should never feel ashamed about self-pleasure — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying who you are and what makes you feel good.

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A collection of BDSM blindfolds.

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15. Share the experience of a deep and relaxing foot massage together

16. Make up naughty nicknames for each other.

17. Write sexy suggestions on your body with Glitter Glo then turn off the lights.

18. Nibble on your dear’s ear with your favorite flavor of Nipple Nibblers. Till the Fireworks fly.

19. Wear blindfolds while making out, and maybe some cuffs.

20. Play your favorite romance related game until you both collapse.

21. Think Toy Time!

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Hiatt type 2010 handcuffs. Circa 1990s
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Curious about cuffs? One way to increase intimacy in the bedroom is the use of light non threatening restraints. Hand cuffs work, but the new Body Tape, made of Vinyl cling and a soft blindfold encourage respect and trust of emotional and sensual needs and boundaries

TIP Create a safe word that you can use if you start to feel uncomfortable, so your partner knows to slow down or stop. Pick words that you would not normally use in bedroom conversation – like broccoli for stop, or domino for slow down.

Oh, and with all the new rules and regulations when you travel, it is best to not take handcuffs on an airplane or cruise ship.

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