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A type of Ben-Wa balls

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If you spend two minutes of doing these three types (which make a “set”) you do a set of 3 three times a day, you will very likely feel a difference in your ability to contract in about two weeks.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, just a lot of remembering.  I even found an app for my smart phone to remind me!

Contract and Hold: Squeeze this muscle group and hold it for a count of ten.  Then contract and hold for another count of ten.  Continue doing this for two minutes.

Flutter: Contract the muscle group as quickly as you can. These won’t be large squeezes, just rapid light ones.  Stop, take a rest – then do it again.

The Elevator: Imagine that there’s a little elevator in your crotch and that you want it to rise up floor by floor to the top floor.  So start at the ground floor and go up to the first floor, then the second and the third and final floor.  Then gradually allow the “elevator” to go back down stopping at each floor.  Once you get to the ground floor, go down to the basement so you’re sure to have completely relaxed the muscles you have just exercised.

Using Ben-Wa Balls while you Kegel is like playing a little game. The idea is try to hold the balls inside her vagina, during everyday activities. At first, the balls fall out of most women, so initially you want to be discreet with them. But after a while, many women can walk around with ben-wa balls inside them, and thanks to the control of the PC muscle that develops from using them, keep them from falling out.

The Ben-Wa Balls are best used as “weights” by women who really want to work out their PC muscles.  It is similar to a runner adding ankle weights to get an endurance workout.

Start by putting in one ball and doing these exercises.  The ball will definitely add a level of challenge to Kegel’s.  Later, when there is greater strength and tone add the second one. Try to stand, walk and eventually go about your daily routine.

Left Levator ani from within.

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The PC is the pubococcygeus muscle you flex to interrupt urine flow. It is also one of several muscles that contract during orgasm in both sexes. As PC muscle tone improves, most people notice more pleasurable orgasm.


There are three ways to do Kegel exercises that include all the groups of muscles that one can use when performing these exercises:  Contract and Hold, Flutter and “The Elevator”.  Before I spell out the three types, let’s be sure we are all talking about the same exercise.


Think of the muscles you would squeeze if you were urinating and wanted to stop the flow.  These muscles form a type of “hammock” that runs from the front of the crotch area to the back.  The muscles encircle the clitoris in the front, the anus in the back and the vagina in the middle.  They are the same muscles that contract reflexively (on their own) during orgasm.


Strengthening these muscles by doing Kegel’s will enhance the sensations of orgasm and for some women make having orgasms more likely.  When contracting these muscles, the buttocks muscles should move very little or not at all.  You are trying to isolate and move the muscles that underlie the external genitals for women.



Gold-toned Ben Wa balls.

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  • Practice your breathing techniques. The body often tenses up right before climax, constraining oxygen. When oxygen is reduced, blood flow weakens. As a result, the orgasm is shortened or never achieved. By performing regular breathing exercises, you can train yourself to breathe properly at all times. This will result in higher oxygen saturation; improved blood flow; and stronger, longer, more frequent orgasms. All good things!
  • Work your PC muscles. The pelvic floor muscles automatically convulse during orgasm. By flexing them during sex, you can prolong the pleasurable contractions and, in some cases, multiply the fun. Strengthen your PC muscles with a kegel exerciser suitable to your ability level. I have 3 available—Kegel Pods, Pleasure Pearls or Ben-Wa Balls. Email me if you need help deciding which would be right for you.
  • Studies have shown that a diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, olive oil and fish, and low in red meat, can have a positive effect on sexual function, including one’s ability to orgasm.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore your body. How can you expect anyone else to please you if you can’t please yourself ? Take time out to get to know your body. Become acquainted with your own anatomy and what feels good. Try stimulating the various areas and see what you likey…

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