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Tricks And Treats

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Challenge Time!

Take 5 minutes to write down all the thing your partner does that you love! Only the good things. Pick the best tricks, techniques and touches you can think of. Then compare notes…

18 January 2007: Bondage Bear

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Considering experimenting with bondage? You can use scarves, ties, ropes or even body tape! Yes, we have one and it is safe for airplane travel!

Either way,a basic safety precaution is to keep a scissors handy for a quick escape. Be prepared! Fire, earthquake or your inlaws could show up!!!

Special note : There is never a need to tie a body part so snugly that it loses feeling. Be sure to monitor your partners sensation and play safe.


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Reward Yourself With More Sensuous Experiences…

· Sensuous Bathing

· Erotic Massage

· Sensual-mental aphrodisiacs

· There’s sensual power in lingerie – playfulness, confidence, excitement and sex appeal!

Indulge your senses with special Scents…

· Ginger – Excites Male Sex Energies

· Jasmine – Arouses Sensuality

· Lavender – Restores Balance

· Plumeria – Awakens Passion

Turn your Bedroom To a TOTAL Sensual Playroom

• Design For The Senses

• Stock it With Sensual Delights

-Turn your body in to a tasty desert

– include special Lotions of love, potions of passion & whisper light lubricants

• Passion Colors

-Deep Reds, Bold Reds, Passionate Purples, Warm Oranges,

• Symbols of Love

-Hearts, Roses, Orchids…

• Set the stage

-Candles & Muted Lighting

-Shade the Lamps, Dim Lights,

• The Massage essentials take “Touch” to another level – Self heating oils, in delicious flavors, for all body types

Explore with Tantra Foreplay “Start With the Toes…End With the Eyes”

1. Love the Feet

2. Respect the Ankles

3. Massage the Calves

4. Stroke Inner Thighs

5. Massage Around Genitals

6. Connect to Heartbeat

7. Caress the Face

8. Massage Head Top

9. Kiss the Lips

10. Nozzle, Neck & Throat

11. Gaze Into the Eyes

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  • Reward Yourself With More Sensuous Experiences…
        • Sensuous Bathing
        • Erotic Massage
        • Relax with Our Sensual-Mental Aphrodisiacs books, cds and dvds

  • There’s Sensual Power in Lingerie…

Playfulness, Confidence, Excitement, Sex Appeal

A Sex Toy – Vibrator
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If you feel an inability to relax enough to fully enjoy self-pleasuring. This may have many causes, but the most common is stress-related. If you’re unable to relax enough to fully enjoy self-pleasuring but feel like you need orgasmic release in order to relax, you may just need some assistance.

A personal massager or vibrator just might be the answer! When a massager is used on or around the clitoris, it reduces the amount of manual stimulation needed. You won’t have to focus on keeping an adequate pressure or speed — just allow the massager to aid in your pleasure and enjoy the results.

A staple every woman should have in her toy box is a Bullet. A bullet is a small, egg-shaped vibrator attached to a controller by a wire. The bullet, or any massager you pick, will provide added stimulation to any body part it touches.

A toy can be used with  many accessories too, like bullets with sleeves, that change the type of stimulation received. For example, a rabbit sleeve will provide a less intense, almost tickling sensation, while the turtle provides a more direct, intense vibration. If you are looking for something more portable and discreet, our Velvet Pleasures is awesome…it is small, velvety soft and waterproof. Great for home or travel and it comes in a pretty velvet bag so it is discreet.

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Did you know?  Marilyn Monroe, the most celebrated sex icon of the 20th century, confessed to a friend that despite her three husbands and a parade of lovers, she had never had an orgasm.

Oh, if you would like to get any of the products mentioned below, check out

Here are some ideas to get your lover relaxed and get the blood flowing in just the right places.

1. Bathe in super sexy bath salts together while whispering sweet nothings to your sweetie.

2. Write a long love letter, seal it with a kiss and a dab of Pure Instinct Unisex Pheromone Cologne, and mail it to your partner.

3. Select some Fantasy Lingerie for a fun-filled evening in.

4. Tickle each other using A Feather and perhaps something else?

5. Brush each other’s hair and massage the scalp and neck with a Vibrating Bath Ball.

6. Pop a Hershey Kiss into your mouth before you smooch. Mmmmmm, so sweet and sexy!

7. Give your beloved a bottle of Passion Massage Lotion and try it out on each other. Add a Super Deluxe Smitten for even more fun.

7 more hot ideas tomorrow!

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Actually, you would be very surprised at how often people ask this, so let me share some options with you.

Some people are worried about their kids finding their items. Others don’t want their partner to know what they have just yet. I have even heard of people who have pacts with a special friend…so if something horrible happens to them, the secret special sex toy clause is invoked, and the friend removes the toy so a person’s mother doesn’t see it! So here are some thoughts on toy and accessory storage.

The easiest thing to do is to keep things in reach! I know this sounds scary, but I can guarantee you will not receive one minute of pleasure if something is packed so far away from you that it would take an act of congress to move it into your romance arena. There is no greater mood killer than running across the house, under the sink, grab the secret box, remember the combination, open it and unwrap the lowly toy!

You can get a special sex toy storage device, use a tackle or tool box, have fancy pillows with hideaway pockets or just put them under the mattress!  More on this later…

Oh, and check out the Pink Butterfly Toy Box above at

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