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C-rings also known as Cock Rings or O-Rings have evolved into a popular, couples’ toy. Actually, it is one of our best sellers at Passion Parties.


C-rings can be made from many different types of material from leather, cloth, silicone and even metal and glass, the c-rings of today are no longer a “kinky sex toy” or for men with erectile dysfunction, but a new way to experience lovemaking with the one you desire in a new and different way.


The most popular types of c-rings for couples are made from hygienic silicone or another comfortable, stretchy material. Vibrating c-rings and c-rings with clitoral stimulators were specifically designed to be sexually exciting for both partners. The most important role of any couples toy is to bring partners closer together.

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Now you’re ready to dance. Your striptease should have a theme. Be sure you have the right costume. You could wear a fun fantasy costume or nothing at all. Use scarves, feathers or wear sexy lingerie or the more risqué

Don’t forget to adorn your supple skin with special shimmer color.  Glitter Glo glow in the dark glitter. Draw some fun suggestions, hearts arrows or anything you like, works great under a black light!!!

For some real fun, cover yourself from head to toe in a glittering body lotion like Glitter Body Gel from Passion Parties. Then wrap a ribbon around yourself and tie it in a bow. Present the “present” to your lover and let him know his gift is ready to be unwrapped.

Another favorite trick is to spritz on Body Dew lotion, then dust with Gold dust. It gives the look of sparkly nylons without the costraints.

Whatever your do, make your performance personalized because it truly is a personal gift from you to your lover. When dancing, remove your clothes or accessories slowly and don’t let your partner touch you. Your goal is to tease and entice.

Maintain direct eye contact throughout your dance and keep your confidence high. Once you’ve performed your first striptease you and your lover will desire repeat performances. So release your inhibitions and get your body moving. An intimate striptease is a sexy way to say, “I love you.”

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Few would argue that the orgasm is the ultimate gratification. It’s exhilarating, euphoric and unlike anything of this earth. The actual experience varies from person to person. However,with patience and an open mind, nearly everyone is capable of achieving orgasm. So let the fireworks fly!

  • The average female orgasm can last anywhere from six to ten seconds. Some women can even experience a 20-second orgasm.
  • The average woman needs about 20 minutes of arousal time before her clitoris is sensitive enough to respond to stimulation and begin building toward climax, but remember, that is average. Some women may need much longer than that, so plan accordingly.
  • The most likely time for a woman to experience sexual pleasure is during her menstrual period. This is due to the increase in blood circulation around the groin area.
  • Orgasms have been shown to curb the appetite.
  • Orgasms can improve brain function.
  • Orgasms can boost fat metabolism.
  • Orgasms can improve the immune and cardiovascular systems
  • Orgasms can promote healthy, glowing skin.

So what are you reading this for? LOL Go get busy!

But if you need some help…check out my web site for just the right orgasm enhancement accessories.

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This one works particularly well for women who have a hard time orgasming, or want to go for the g spot gusto with out worrying about that wet spot!

Fill the tub about half full with warm water. The guy sits in the tub, then the woman hops in his lap facing the faucet and kneels. Ladies, now you lean forward and hold the walls or sides of the tub for balance as needed. Your guy can climb enter you vaginally from behind. This is going to give the best access to the g-spot using a penis.

Grind away as you please, but for extra fun use a free hand to guide a water stream from the faucet toward your vulva and clitoris.  A detachable showerhead works even better! The water spray will act electrify your passion button and your guy still has plenty of access to stroke and caress your breasts too. And for the ladies who achieve gspot orgasm, well, if you have a large fluid release, it can be like a little Niagara all over again…you can actually expel up to 2 or more cups of fluid! There is no easier clean up than the tub.

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Blue Balls

The medical term for blue balls is epididymitis. It is actually an inflammation of the epididymis, which is located  in the scrotal sac and where sperm go to mature.

In simple terms blue balls occurs when the epididymis get blocked up with sperm that have left the testis but not the penis. The vas deferns are the pathways the sperm use to go from the testis to the urethra and out of the body.

When they get blocked – you can get pain.You can usually relieve this by ejaculating. So now you know!

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