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Numerical Sex Positions

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Challenge time!

See how many different sexual positions you can achieve with your partner in 5 minutes. This is to test your creativity.


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Criss Cross Sex Position
This favorite is a remarkable position because it allows him to sustain intercourse for what seems to be forever and usually control climax of the man. When done properly, couple’s have experienced multiple orgasms and have even extended orgasms far beyond the norm!

To implement this sex position… sit facing each other with penis inserted. Both partners should have legs partially extended. Clasping hands and moving them out to the sides of the body, and lying back as far as possible and looking up towards the ceiling. At this point, both partners are joined only at the hands and genitals. With little movement pleasure is sustained for quite a long time.

What will it do for her?
This is guaranteed to hit her GSpot giving her instant orgasm. Alternating of tightness and widening she will feel two types of sensations, that of deepness and that of feeling her vagina wrapped around his penis and when her legs are crossed again.

What will it do for the man?
He gets to watch the action. Seeing her orgasm can guarantee that he will soon be following. He will feel the same feelings as her but have a better advantage of taking it at his own pace.

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Piercing Tiger Position
This exciting variation can be performed with her on her knees and forearms so that her buttocks are raised. He then kneels behind her grasping her waist and hips controlling all the action. This is a true animalistic position.

Laid Out Rear Entry Position
While performing the rear entry, she can be entered while both are standing up or lying down flat. You can even perform this position kneeling, sitting or even lying side by-side.

tiny sex positions

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Rear Entry Sex Position
The Rear Entry position also called “doggie style” is a favorite among sex enthusiasts. It does have one advantage and one disadvantage – the advantage is because of the angle and the depth of penetration, it is an excellent way to reach the G-Spot. The disadvantage is that it’s sometimes difficult to keep his penis inside her and there is no direct clitoral stimulation.

Rear Entry Sex Position involves the man kneeling behind her as she is on all fours using kneepads or pillows placed under the knees. The most common body position is the man and woman having similar body positions, in other words, bodies as close together as possible.

Kneeling Position
This calls for him to be sitting or kneeling with his penis inside her. The woman can have her knees pulled up to her chest with her feet flat on his chest while she rolls her hips around while stimulating her G- Spot.

Heterosexual Sexual Positions

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In the Female Superior Position she lies on top of the man with her legs on the outside of his legs.

Her body is parallel with his and she is able to move around and manipulate his penis getting into areas he would never be able to do if he were on top. While she is on top, she can kneel, squat, or sit on top of his erect penis.

When she sits on his erect penis in this position, his penis penetrates very deeply and can almost always make the woman achieve an orgasm. In this variation she can sit on the man using her hands to push herself up and down as she faces his feet. She also has the option to ease back close to his chest with her legs together.


Numerical Sex Positions

Image by imjustcreative via Flickr



Go Team USA

Sounds like good news to me!

Check out this interesting article…

Experimental Sex

HOV Diamond

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Are you ready for this? The Sex Diamond is a  jewel of a move and a new twist on a girl on top position.

First the guy lies on his back with a pillow propped under his head.  She faces him, then lowers herself onto his erection while easing her hands and knees on either side of his torso.

Once he’s deep inside, she gently move in the diagonal shape of a diamond:

  • First to the left side
  • then down toward the feet
  • next to the right side
  • and the back up toward the head

She will love it because in addition to being face to face,  the motions are slow and at her control so it is much less exhausting and a much more satisfying activity. An additional bonus is that he can glide along every inch inside her, including the G-spot.

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