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Actually, you would be very surprised at how often people ask this, so let me share some options with you.

Some people are worried about their kids finding their items. Others don’t want their partner to know what they have just yet. I have even heard of people who have pacts with a special friend…so if something horrible happens to them, the secret special sex toy clause is invoked, and the friend removes the toy so a person’s mother doesn’t see it! So here are some thoughts on toy and accessory storage.

The easiest thing to do is to keep things in reach! I know this sounds scary, but I can guarantee you will not receive one minute of pleasure if something is packed so far away from you that it would take an act of congress to move it into your romance arena. There is no greater mood killer than running across the house, under the sink, grab the secret box, remember the combination, open it and unwrap the lowly toy!

You can get a special sex toy storage device, use a tackle or tool box, have fancy pillows with hideaway pockets or just put them under the mattress!  More on this later…

Oh, and check out the Pink Butterfly Toy Box above at

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