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A c-ring is a circular device that wraps around the penis, testicles or both. C-rings work by gently slowing the flow of blood out of the penis by applying light pressure to the surface blood vessels, keeping it engorged.

Easy to put on, remove and clean, stretchy c-rings can be worn around the shaft only and be put on while erect. Because of their flexibility, they are “one size fits most,” eliminating the need for measurements. If used around the penis and scrotum, the c-ring applies pressure to the perineum and moves the testicles into a different position, which can be both pleasurable and slow ejaculation.

Why use c rings?

For Him

• Harder erection

• Longer-lasting erection

• Delays ejaculation

• More Satisfying orgasms

• Can be used during sex or solo play

For Her

• Added pleasure from clitoral and labial stimulators is a huge bonus

• Vibration is even better for most women, the added stimulation is ideal for women who need a little extra clitoral stimulation to climax.

• Can be used on your partner or vibrator or sometimes g-spot exploration!

exercise makes you horny

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You know, Everything you do burns calories…here are some fun guesstimates based on an average. Everything from age, sex, muscle mass to genetics and more would need to be factored in for specifics.

  • · Sleeping or being a “dead lay”  burns about 60 calories per hour.
  • · Eating burns about 70-80 calories an hour…so if you eat long enough can you lose it all? Hmmm????
  • · Showering about 250 calories an hour…but who wants to spend an hour in the shower
  • Light house work burns about 100 calories per hour so does kissing and light petting
  • Light exercise, breaking a sweat 150- 250 calories per hour
  • Very active sports 400 to 600 an hour or more!!!
  • Average Sexual activity 100-300 calories per hour. But, you can experiment with some interesting positions and increase that. Try standing guys! Ladies, break a sweat.

So, decide what you like best and go for it. However, if you decide to opt for sexual activity, and enjoy fellatio on your guy, remember, you have to add back 15-30 calories if you swallow.

The Way You Look Tonight

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OK, maybe not a manual but here is a good article!


The Female Orgasm: Help Her Achieve One Tonight

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Women Are 30% More Sexually Active During A Full Moon.


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During orgasm, the heart averages 140 beats per minute.

Gold-toned Ben Wa balls.

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  • Practice your breathing techniques. The body often tenses up right before climax, constraining oxygen. When oxygen is reduced, blood flow weakens. As a result, the orgasm is shortened or never achieved. By performing regular breathing exercises, you can train yourself to breathe properly at all times. This will result in higher oxygen saturation; improved blood flow; and stronger, longer, more frequent orgasms. All good things!
  • Work your PC muscles. The pelvic floor muscles automatically convulse during orgasm. By flexing them during sex, you can prolong the pleasurable contractions and, in some cases, multiply the fun. Strengthen your PC muscles with a kegel exerciser suitable to your ability level. I have 3 available—Kegel Pods, Pleasure Pearls or Ben-Wa Balls. Email me if you need help deciding which would be right for you.
  • Studies have shown that a diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, olive oil and fish, and low in red meat, can have a positive effect on sexual function, including one’s ability to orgasm.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore your body. How can you expect anyone else to please you if you can’t please yourself ? Take time out to get to know your body. Become acquainted with your own anatomy and what feels good. Try stimulating the various areas and see what you likey…
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Few would argue that the orgasm is the ultimate gratification. It’s exhilarating, euphoric and unlike anything of this earth. The actual experience varies from person to person. However,with patience and an open mind, nearly everyone is capable of achieving orgasm. So let the fireworks fly!

  • The average female orgasm can last anywhere from six to ten seconds. Some women can even experience a 20-second orgasm.
  • The average woman needs about 20 minutes of arousal time before her clitoris is sensitive enough to respond to stimulation and begin building toward climax, but remember, that is average. Some women may need much longer than that, so plan accordingly.
  • The most likely time for a woman to experience sexual pleasure is during her menstrual period. This is due to the increase in blood circulation around the groin area.
  • Orgasms have been shown to curb the appetite.
  • Orgasms can improve brain function.
  • Orgasms can boost fat metabolism.
  • Orgasms can improve the immune and cardiovascular systems
  • Orgasms can promote healthy, glowing skin.

So what are you reading this for? LOL Go get busy!

But if you need some help…check out my web site for just the right orgasm enhancement accessories.

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