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Shaving equipment

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After your shave, ongoing attention to hygiene is also essential, so washing shaved areas 1 or 2 times a day as needed with mild soap and water will help reduce sweat and oil build-up in areas that are prone to that. Following cleansing keep the shaven area well moisturized by reapplying Soft and Silky After Shave Protection Mist, or Alluring Body Lotion.

A few more random shaving tips:

  • Try to shave at least every 2-4 days to keep your special areas in tip top shape.
  • If you have acne and need to shave that area, try both an electric and a blade or safety razor to see which is more comfortable. Shave as lightly as possible.
  • Never use the old-fashioned switchblade razor. It is quite unsuitable for pubic shaving and can be downright dangerous.
  • Wearing undies often rubs and irritates a specialty shave area, so use your best judgment on this one. Commamdo rocks! And will cut down on irritation and itchiness.
  • On that same thought train, adding a little non talc powder can be very comforting, especially on warm days. We have 2 options, Liquid Body Powder – goes on wet and dries to a silky smooth finish with a slight shimmer and  Passion Powder can be dusted on and who knows beyond that since it is edible.
  • For many ladies, the vulva becomes super sensitive during the peak of their menstrual cycle. You can limit irritations if you don’t shave this area during this time.
  • Shaving bare skin is the fastest way to cause razor burn – so don’t!Always use a lotion.
  • To stop or reduce itching after shaving try ice cubes or a bag of frozen peas over the area.
  • If you do suffer from itchiness or spots or blotchiness, let the hair grow back for at least a week before shaving again.
  • If you want to experiment with back door shaving, just know it is kind of tricky. A blade is not the best plan…so find yourself one of those real thin electric razors. Soak a long time, lots of Shave Lotion and it is really helpful to have a partner help too! Now that is true love!!!
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There are a lot of different shaving creams out there, and of course I recommend Soft and Silky Unisex Shaving Crème by Passion Parties. Ordinary soap alone is not the best choice for the shave portion of the program, because it doesn’t moisturize the hair the way our specially formulated Soft and Silky Unisex Shaving Crème does.

It is one of our best selling products and isaloe vera-based and enriched with jojoba oil to condition the skin. Interestingly it also reduces irritation and helps repair minor  skin abrasions caused by the razor.

Apply a small amount to damp legs, underarms, the bikini line or pubic area – anywhere you want a smooth, silky shave. It is a good idea and most effective to let the shave lotion soften the hair for a few minutes.

Men also will find Soft & Silky irreplaceable. After moistening the area to be shaved with water, and this can include beard, scalp or other specialty areas, massage in a circular motion into the area. This ensures that the sensitive hairs are supported by the product and readied for shaving. (a lot of men don’t exfoliate properly, so this is a way to help them.)

NOTE: Guys – your penises will appear longer if you keep the hair in the area trimmed or shaped! Manscaping is totally in right now.

For both sexes, Soft & Silky’s job is to provide the closest shave you have ever had, without the rash or red bumps that people typically experience, especially in sensitive-area shaves.

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Giving yourself a good shave is practically an art form! So here are a few ideas to help you get the best shave ever.

Before you step into the shower or tub, decide on the shape you want! If you’re starting from an area with longer hair, trim hair to about ¼ inch with clippers or scissors. Electric clippers seem to work best, but a scissors will due, just be extra cautious.

Wash the area thoroughly with warm water and soap. Gently use a loofah or scrubbie to exfoliate the dead skin. This will help you get the closer shave you desire. Don’t get too crazy, remember you will need that skin later! Consider a long hot bath, or a shower for a while, or at very least cover the area to be shaved with a warm wash cloth for 2-3 minutes, so it is nice and wet. Remember Pubic hair is coarser than head hair and needs more time to soften.

Stop back tomorrow for more…

A Sex Toy – Vibrator
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If you feel an inability to relax enough to fully enjoy self-pleasuring. This may have many causes, but the most common is stress-related. If you’re unable to relax enough to fully enjoy self-pleasuring but feel like you need orgasmic release in order to relax, you may just need some assistance.

A personal massager or vibrator just might be the answer! When a massager is used on or around the clitoris, it reduces the amount of manual stimulation needed. You won’t have to focus on keeping an adequate pressure or speed — just allow the massager to aid in your pleasure and enjoy the results.

A staple every woman should have in her toy box is a Bullet. A bullet is a small, egg-shaped vibrator attached to a controller by a wire. The bullet, or any massager you pick, will provide added stimulation to any body part it touches.

A toy can be used with  many accessories too, like bullets with sleeves, that change the type of stimulation received. For example, a rabbit sleeve will provide a less intense, almost tickling sensation, while the turtle provides a more direct, intense vibration. If you are looking for something more portable and discreet, our Velvet Pleasures is awesome…it is small, velvety soft and waterproof. Great for home or travel and it comes in a pretty velvet bag so it is discreet.

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