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Now you’re ready to dance. Your striptease should have a theme. Be sure you have the right costume. You could wear a fun fantasy costume or nothing at all. Use scarves, feathers or wear sexy lingerie or the more risqué

Don’t forget to adorn your supple skin with special shimmer color.  Glitter Glo glow in the dark glitter. Draw some fun suggestions, hearts arrows or anything you like, works great under a black light!!!

For some real fun, cover yourself from head to toe in a glittering body lotion like Glitter Body Gel from Passion Parties. Then wrap a ribbon around yourself and tie it in a bow. Present the “present” to your lover and let him know his gift is ready to be unwrapped.

Another favorite trick is to spritz on Body Dew lotion, then dust with Gold dust. It gives the look of sparkly nylons without the costraints.

Whatever your do, make your performance personalized because it truly is a personal gift from you to your lover. When dancing, remove your clothes or accessories slowly and don’t let your partner touch you. Your goal is to tease and entice.

Maintain direct eye contact throughout your dance and keep your confidence high. Once you’ve performed your first striptease you and your lover will desire repeat performances. So release your inhibitions and get your body moving. An intimate striptease is a sexy way to say, “I love you.”

Once you are ready to strip for your partner, prepare a plan and prepare yourself. Since you will most likely end your performance nude, be sure your skin feels and smells luscious by using the Passion Parties’ exclusive line of RomantaTherapy® products. Soak in a warm bath of Sensuous Bath Salts and exfoliate with Salt Glow Body Scrub.

Finish off with Plumeria Liquid Body Silk or Alluring Body Lotion. If shaving is necessary for your seductive performance, use Soft & Silky UniSE X Shaving Crème followed by Soft & Silky After Shave Protection Mist, which shields newly shaved skin.

Now that you feel great, don’t forget the ambiance. Have romantic music ready and your preferred tune cued to set the mood. Dim the lights and set the stage with a few aromatic candles, such as RomantaTherapy Seduction Soy Massage Candles.

The striptease is a sexy sensation sweeping the nation. Not only is it a great workout (the average woman burns up to 400 calories in one hour); it also helps to improve posture and confidence. But most importantly, it’s a wonderfully generous and intimate way to seduce your partner and reveal your desires.

If you’ve avoided performing a striptease for your sweetheart because you think you can’t dance or you’re too embarrassed, read more to discover a plan that will help turn you into a sizzling burlesque diva.


If you’re interested in some solid instructional assistance, Passion Parties’ Striptease for Real Women DVD is just what the doctor ordered. With this exciting, educational DVD, you’ll learn to develop your own style, rhythm and grace.

Give yourself plenty of time to learn and practice. Be patient. Don’t expect to deliver a magnificent performance after only a few days. Eventually, you’ll become acquainted with the way your body moves and comfortable with the dance routine, developing the confidence you need to release your sexy inner dancing diva.

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Want to add seduction to you bedroom fun? No fancy athletic or acrobatic moves required! The keyword in this activity is tease...

  • take your time
  • make lots of eye contact
  • do everything in slow motion

For even more inspiration learn the art of striptease! Start with basic and essential dance moves, then add the graceful removal of clothing. It takes some practice, but it is worth it.

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