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Muscles of the male perineum

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Hot tip for the guys -dont over look the labia! As women get aroused, the labia also fills with blood, along with all her other special parts. Then the lips become extra sensitive. Try licking the labia, gently sucking, or touching them while you manually stimulate the clitoris for extra sensation if she likes it.

On men, the perineum is that little piece of real estate located behind the testicles and before the anus that no one really knows what to do with. It has lots of different names, including

·       the taint – it taint butt and taint balls

·       The tween –it is tween the balls and the hole or

·       twixt the sack and the crack

·       The Chode is sometimes used, although chode can also be used for a very short thick penis, as well as a word for fornication itself.

·       gooch,

·       grundle

Sagittal section of the lower part of a female...

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Taint Tween Chode? What exactly is it? What do I do with it?

Ladies: Have you touched your partner in that special place lately? If you haven’t you just might be missing out on some super excitement! So what am I talking about? The Perineum of course.

We all have one.
It is rich in nerves and has great potential to be aroused during fore-play and intercourse.On the ladies it is behind the vaginal opening and before the anus.

Or as I heard it at one of my parties, if its between the ‘giney and the heinie or Ain’t her cooter, ain’t her pooter. And while it is a pleasure area for women, we would probably get better benefit from stimulation to other areas like: clitoris, g spot, vaginal opening or anal opening.

Be gentle, use it lightly at first and allow your partner to get the feeling of the vibrations against sensitive areas like for a guy- behind his testicles or  gently along the shaft of his penis.  For the ladies, concentrate on the clitoris or the opening only of the vaginal canal. Remember, the majority of the nerve openings are in the first inch.

 Be flexible when introducing new toys. What you think might be a perfect toy may not work out for your partner. That’s perfectly ok; put that one aside, you can even save it for yourself, then try something different together.

Communicate and find out what your partner is curious about. Do a little research, and share your findings before you buy a new addition to your romantic life.  If you or your partner need some help in selecting something to help you put the old zsa zsa zsu back in your bedroom…or living room…or kitchen, well drop me a message.

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Of course any pain should probably be checked out by a doctor…so that is always my first recommendation.

But assuming everything is AOK  my first thought is to be sure there has been adequate foreplay so her body is ready for lovemaking. For some women, the cervix is more prominent in the vaginal canal…and when she becomes aroused, the pelvic area muscles tighten and actually lift the cervix out of the canal a bit. That is a good reason not to rush too quickly into intercourse itself.

Of course, Just about every can benefit from using a personal lubricant from time to time. So that is another option to consider.

And a final thought…some partners just don’t fit together well. If your package is bigger than she can handle…you can try some different positions where penetration is not as deep…or add a bumper guard. We have several customers use our Gigi this way. The trim it for the fit they want and that way he gets the feeling of deep penetration, but the bumper guard protects her from penetration too deeply. More on this coming… and you will too! 🙂

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So, if I don’t douch, what is the healthiest and safest way to clean the vagina?

Because the chemical balance of the vagina is very sensitive, it is best to let the vagina clean itself the way nature intended.  The vagina secretes  mucous, so we don’t nee to upset the delicate balance.

Warm water and gentle, unscented soap during the bath or shower is the best way to clean the outside or external areas of the vagina.  Products like feminine hygiene soaps, powders and sprays are not necessary, and some studies suggest they may even be harmful.

It is important to see your health care provider right away when you have any vaginal pain, itching, burning, or a foul odor; pain when urinating; a vaginal discharge that is not normal, such as thick and white (like cottage cheese) or yellowish-green.  You may have a yeast infection, urinary tract infection, or bacterial infection, all of which can be treated.  Do not clean the vagina or douche before an exam with a health care provider.  This will wash away the vaginal discharge, which helps the health care provider to determine the type of infection.

Diagram of the menstrual cycle (based on sever...

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Well actually it is quite normal. And the secretions change over the course of the month. Of course we all know about the discharge and flow from our menstrual periods that last 3-5 days on average. But women do have daily secretions all month to keep the vaginal area clean and healthy…it is kind of like our own self cleaning oven!

Women also release lubrication vaginally during arousal, can release large amounts of fluid with orgasms…particularly g-spot orgasms,  and another notable secretion change is about 2 weeks after your period when you ovulate. Your secretions become sticky or stringy and clear in color when you are fertile and ovulate.

One special note – if you have a discharge with a foul odor, or color or is associated with itching or burning you may have an infection or STD. That is time to see your medical professional.

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Well, most health care providers do not recommend douching to clean the vagina.  Douching changes the delicate chemical balance and ph (the acid base balance) in the vagina, which can increase the liklihood of vaginal infections.


Research shows that women who douche on a routine basis tend to have more problems than women who do not douche or who rarely douche.  These problems include

  • vaginal irritation
  • infections
  • pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)


What effects will douching have on pregnancy?

The National Women’s Health Information Center indicates that:

Douching after sex does not prevent pregnancy.  But, research has shown that douching may affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant.  In women trying to become pregnant, those who douched the most often (more than once per week) had the lowest pregnancy rate.

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