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These are great exercises to do in preparation for having a baby.  A toned muscle will stretch more easily and will recover more easily after childbirth.  As we age, these exercises are also helpful in maintaining tone to avoid urinary stress incontinence (leaking bladder).  So given the benefits of enhanced orgasm and the health gains possible, doing Kegel exercises every day really deliver!

Another way to play with ben-wa balls is for the woman to insert them, and then lie on her back. The man slips two fingers inside and presses one or both balls up, rubbing them against the top (front) wall of her vagina. This massages the G-spot, which some women enjoy immensely. Ben-wa balls cannot get lost inside you. They are too large to pass through the cervix, so they remain in the vagina.

And consider using our Pleasure Pods if you are not so sure about balls. Both balls are inside a medical silicone peanut shaped outer shell. And there is a string, similar to a tampon. The string provides more opportunities for resistance training. And wearing the pods for hours at a time is fine. And since the balls do move around inside the pods, well, maybe you should go dancing and see what happens!

A type of Ben-Wa balls

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If you spend two minutes of doing these three types (which make a “set”) you do a set of 3 three times a day, you will very likely feel a difference in your ability to contract in about two weeks.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, just a lot of remembering.  I even found an app for my smart phone to remind me!

Contract and Hold: Squeeze this muscle group and hold it for a count of ten.  Then contract and hold for another count of ten.  Continue doing this for two minutes.

Flutter: Contract the muscle group as quickly as you can. These won’t be large squeezes, just rapid light ones.  Stop, take a rest – then do it again.

The Elevator: Imagine that there’s a little elevator in your crotch and that you want it to rise up floor by floor to the top floor.  So start at the ground floor and go up to the first floor, then the second and the third and final floor.  Then gradually allow the “elevator” to go back down stopping at each floor.  Once you get to the ground floor, go down to the basement so you’re sure to have completely relaxed the muscles you have just exercised.

Using Ben-Wa Balls while you Kegel is like playing a little game. The idea is try to hold the balls inside her vagina, during everyday activities. At first, the balls fall out of most women, so initially you want to be discreet with them. But after a while, many women can walk around with ben-wa balls inside them, and thanks to the control of the PC muscle that develops from using them, keep them from falling out.

The Ben-Wa Balls are best used as “weights” by women who really want to work out their PC muscles.  It is similar to a runner adding ankle weights to get an endurance workout.

Start by putting in one ball and doing these exercises.  The ball will definitely add a level of challenge to Kegel’s.  Later, when there is greater strength and tone add the second one. Try to stand, walk and eventually go about your daily routine.

Silver balls

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An ancient Asian toy, ben-wa balls have been around for more than 1,000 years. They are intended to help awaken women sensuality and enhance the joy of their own sexual responsiveness, specifically by intensifying orgasm.

They are also known as Love Balls and Pleasure Balls. Ben Wa Balls were originally meant to provide the man with extra pleasure during intercourse but then it was apparent that Ben Wa Balls had a positive effect on the woman. The feeling of the balls floating freely in the vagina and constantly massaging the vaginal walls caused intense sexual arousal.

Aristocratic Chinese women were the first to experience the pleasures of Ben-Wa Balls. They inserted egg-shaped balls into their vagina and rocked their way to ecstasy as the weight of the balls shifted inside. Years ago they were filled with mercury, which did give additional stimulation, but had an adverse effect on longevity when they leaked.


  • Strengthens the muscles in the vagina and pelvic floor
  • Increase blood flow
  • Ultimately increase sensation, causing better, more powerful orgasms.
  • Helps women feel more in touch with their pelvic area
  • Assist in more sensation and enjoyment of sex

Here comes the science lesson! Does everyone know how to Kegel? If not…it is up next!

Ben wa Balls – While they can give pleasure, they really belong under the heading of Sexual Well Being.

  • Ladies – Have you ever worn a panty liner because you had a cold every time you sneezed or coughed, you were worried about a little urine passing?
  • Have you tried to stop laughing to hard because didn’t have the panty liner on?
  • Are you getting ready to have a baby or have you had a baby or two or more?
  • Are you getting older?
  • Do the laws of gravity apply to you?

If any of these apply to you, read on!

Ben-wa balls are one of the most subtle—and most misunderstood—sex toys. At Passion Parties we carry 3 different types of balls. Ben Wa, Pleasure Pearl, and Pleasure Pods. I am going to give you a complete workout over the next few days. You all come back now, ya hear? 🙂

Taken on 14 November, 2004 by myself.

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Many people assume that sex toys are Asian inventions. While it is true Asians have used sexual aides for more than 1,000 years and Ben-Wa-Balls are clearly Asian, dildos and vibrators have surprisingly Western roots.


Historians don’t know who invented the dildo, but its popularity is due to the ancient Greek port city, Miletus. Miletan traders sold olisbos around the Mediterranean. In Renaissance Italy, olisbo became “dildo” probably from the Italian word diletto, which means ‘to delight.’ Compared with today’s life-like models, early dildos were hardly delightful…Usually made of wood or leather; they required liberal lubrication with olive oil for comfortable use.

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