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Criss Cross Sex Position
This favorite is a remarkable position because it allows him to sustain intercourse for what seems to be forever and usually control climax of the man. When done properly, couple’s have experienced multiple orgasms and have even extended orgasms far beyond the norm!

To implement this sex position… sit facing each other with penis inserted. Both partners should have legs partially extended. Clasping hands and moving them out to the sides of the body, and lying back as far as possible and looking up towards the ceiling. At this point, both partners are joined only at the hands and genitals. With little movement pleasure is sustained for quite a long time.

What will it do for her?
This is guaranteed to hit her GSpot giving her instant orgasm. Alternating of tightness and widening she will feel two types of sensations, that of deepness and that of feeling her vagina wrapped around his penis and when her legs are crossed again.

What will it do for the man?
He gets to watch the action. Seeing her orgasm can guarantee that he will soon be following. He will feel the same feelings as her but have a better advantage of taking it at his own pace.


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Reward Yourself With More Sensuous Experiences…

· Sensuous Bathing

· Erotic Massage

· Sensual-mental aphrodisiacs

· There’s sensual power in lingerie – playfulness, confidence, excitement and sex appeal!

Indulge your senses with special Scents…

· Ginger – Excites Male Sex Energies

· Jasmine – Arouses Sensuality

· Lavender – Restores Balance

· Plumeria – Awakens Passion

Turn your Bedroom To a TOTAL Sensual Playroom

• Design For The Senses

• Stock it With Sensual Delights

-Turn your body in to a tasty desert

– include special Lotions of love, potions of passion & whisper light lubricants

• Passion Colors

-Deep Reds, Bold Reds, Passionate Purples, Warm Oranges,

• Symbols of Love

-Hearts, Roses, Orchids…

• Set the stage

-Candles & Muted Lighting

-Shade the Lamps, Dim Lights,

• The Massage essentials take “Touch” to another level – Self heating oils, in delicious flavors, for all body types

Explore with Tantra Foreplay “Start With the Toes…End With the Eyes”

1. Love the Feet

2. Respect the Ankles

3. Massage the Calves

4. Stroke Inner Thighs

5. Massage Around Genitals

6. Connect to Heartbeat

7. Caress the Face

8. Massage Head Top

9. Kiss the Lips

10. Nozzle, Neck & Throat

11. Gaze Into the Eyes

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  • Reward Yourself With More Sensuous Experiences…
        • Sensuous Bathing
        • Erotic Massage
        • Relax with Our Sensual-Mental Aphrodisiacs books, cds and dvds

  • There’s Sensual Power in Lingerie…

Playfulness, Confidence, Excitement, Sex Appeal

Vajrakilaya Tantric Feast Offerings, Monastery...
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  1. Sex is more than physical
  2. Honor & welcome the masculine and feminine in you
  3. Invite love by creating a sacred space
  4. Include all aspects of sex  (mental, emotional & physical)
  5. Include all of your senses  (sight, sound, taste, touch & smells)
  6. The “heart-energy” must be open and available during love making
  7. Reverence & respect for all aspects of the total lovemaking process

And what you really need to know about:

The basic 5 – How to use your imagination when preparing for Tantra,

  • Sight- eye contact  {not just looking at their partner, but really seeing them}
  • Sound- even breathing can be very erotic if your really listen to your partner
  • Scent –  we have so many to choose from, let them explore the many different items and find what they like together
  • Touch – – a foot massage or hand massage can be very erotic as well consider a massage oil or  a foot massage specialty
  • Taste- well again here we can go just a lil crazy. :O}
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Kama Sutra Illustration

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Most famous book on Tantra is the Kama Sutra which describes:

•         10 types of kisses and four ways to administer each kiss

  • the nominal kiss,
  • the probing kiss,
  • the touching kiss,
  • the straight kiss,
  • the bent kiss,
  • the turned kiss,
  • the pressed kiss and
  • the greatly pressed kiss.

•          64 different caresses

•          8 variations for oral sex

•          64 positions for loving-making with many variations

Sensuality is the Essence of Tantra and Relaxation is the First Step to Awaken Inner Sensuality.

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You can think of Tantra as the surrender of mental, emotional and cultural conditioning that can expand your consciousness and open up new and exciting ways to experience enjoyment with your lover.. Or, it can be another avenue to pursue more sensually satisfying sex.  Tantra brings more than your body to the bedroom. So if you are just looking to score, this isn’t for you. But if you want to go from love-making to soul-mating – you might want to consider Tantra.  In America Tantra Is Also Known As…

•         Extended Foreplay

•         Yoga of Sex

•         Spiritual or Sacred Sex

People like Woody Harrelson, Sting, Madonna, and even Sean P Diddy Combs reportedly enjoy tantra. In fact P Diddy is claims to have had a marathon tantric session that lasted 30 hours!?!?!

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