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In general, showers are relaxing; but they can also be quite exciting –for instance – add your partner and a vibrating toy.

Preparing the bath  /duc 297

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Try this technique -vary the water temperature to find the combination that is the most exhilarating for you and your partner, like hot, then cold, and back to hot again, or any combination you can come up with. Enjoy exploring the way the water feels with vibrations on different parts of your bodies in relation to the temperature of the water. Our Velvet Curve is ideal for this kind of play! It is shaped kind of like a dental instrument and can hit all those nooks and crannies…


Bath Fun

The opportunities are endless for bath time fun, especially if you have a tub big enough for two.

Soak in a hot bath and let your toys help you relax.  Water carries the sound of vibrations — something to keep in mind if you have roommates or house guests. If you have a whirlpool, what a great time to run it!

Start off right. To get clean, it’s fine to jump in and out of the shower. But sometimes, you want to make bathing more of an event. So you add bubble bath to the tub, dim the lights, light candles, turn on some music, and soak luxuriously.

Sex is similar. It’s fine to jump right into bed. But sometimes, you want to transform plain old sex into a celebration. Fun and fantasy products turn ordinary sex into something extraordinary. These products include body glitter and paints, blindfolds, handcuffs, ticklers, and games.

Blindfolds and Restraints
First, let’s dispel one myth; the idea that games, or blindfolds and handcuffs are somehow silly, abusive or “kinky.” Wrong. In loving hands, these toys are wholesome, fun, and sensually erotic. They make sex more dramatic, more exciting and less predictable.

Playfully erotic games are very similar to using blind folds above. How much do you trust your lover? Enough to answer—and ask—highly personal questions? Games ask you to do or say things that you might not do uninspired. Things that might open up a new world for you, sexually and emotionally.

Body Decorations
Men are visual, and get turned on by what they see; women are more sensual and get turned on by touch and caress. That is why products like Jewels or Body Finger Paints are so appealing. You or your partner can apply them for a visual and tactile treat that appeals to both your erotic turn-ons.

Ticklers are typically feathers, or mittens made of soft, furry fabric, or latex toys with dozens of soft, sensual “fingers” protruding from them. Every touch becomes erotically special, and ticklers can be sensational turn-ons.

Enjoy Your Fun and Fantasy!


Prostate and bladder, sagittal section.

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Just inside the anus…1-2 inches toward the penis. Again not pretty words, but keep your eye on the prize because it can be very pleasurable when the prostate is massaged.

When aroused the prostate becomes firm and feels like the tip of your nose.

Mind blowing massage tips – go slow, especially for first time experiences.

Condom finger first. Use lube generously on condom and anus. Help him relax. Insert finger a couple inches slowly into anus and move it toward the base of the penis from inside. Then use a gentle come here motion with the finger, forming a j hook. Slowly and gently massage the prostate. Guys, you will feel a little pressure and somewhat like you need to use the bathroom, but moving past that it gets pleasurable. Then you can work on what feels best. Let him set the pace.

Now learn to have fun with your tongue. Rimming, rim job Analingus. It all means oral to anal stimulation.

All of our previous rules apply

The tongue is also an erogenous zone.

Now you can explore just around the edges…do not underestimate the power of the rim. Use a barrier like a dental dam, a condom or rubber glove cut open or even saran wrap (but not the press n seal) for safety and better flavors. Add a touch of lube to the anus side, and a flavor of choice to the outside!

Have fun exploring your erogenous zones.


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Be sure to pack with your destination in mind. Massagers are generally ok, but sex toys are illegal some places, so pack with care. Travelling outside the USA definitely requires some research before you decide what, if any, sensual surprises to brinng with you.

The old rule used to be to check the toys especially the ones that vibrate – so if you are traveling with battery operated toys BE SURE TO REMOVE THE BATTERIES.

In the past few years more people are reporting theft of toys from checked luggage. I attribute it to the fact that our luggage must all be open and left vulnerable, along with the great toy cleaners out there now.

Carrying on a toy is probably the best option, especially for a favorite or expesive toy or massager, but be prepared for that occasional screener who decides to embarrass you. It can happen from time to time. And there is always the possibility they could confiscate anything that looks unusual…so leave the floggers, metal rings and crazy stuff home.

I recommend Packing toys in zip lock bags, then inside a thin barely opaque bag. That way they can be examined without being touched, even if the screeenr decides to open it.

Olive oil from Imperia in Liguria, Italy.

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Oil-based lubricants include: vegetable oils (olive, corn, etc.), butters, and nut oils (avocado, peanut, etc.). Oil-based lubricants can be used both on the genitals and as massage lotions.

They may be safely applied externally on a wonan to the vulva, clitoris, and penis, and can be tolerated by many (guestimate is around 50%-50% of women) for use inside the vagina. Some people like to use them and can tolerate them in and around the anus too.

Oil-based lubes are safe to ingest during oral sex but they are not recommended by condom manufacturers as they can weaken the condom. The feel more greasy than slippery and may stain bed linens and clothing, requiring  a good soap and water wash.

NOTE: Vegetable oils can go rancid and can provide a medium for bacterial and yeast growth.

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